Ayre C-5xe mp vs PS Audio Digital Link III

A bit of an odd question, but I am very curious about my experience to date with a new setup I have put together.

Ayre AX-7e Integrated Amp
Ayre C-5xe MP CD Player
PS Audio Digital Link III
Simple Old Polk Ref book shelf speakers (to be replaced soon).
Interconnects are a mix of Audioquest King Cobra, Morrow MA4, and the Ayre/Cardas Custom Cable -- all are balanced XLR (and have switched them all back and forth -- so far the Morrow sounds the best)

The AX-7e is plugged into its own outlet, remaining equipment is plugged into an industrial power strip and then to a shared outlet.

Have the entire setup since October 2011. Playing mix is about 70% from PS Audio DAC (fed by Sonos/Apple Lossless from PC), 30% CD playing.

Here is the question -- no matter what I play with the cables, the PS Audio seems to have a much stronger presense then the Ayre C-5xe. The quality of the sound from both is superb. However, it feels like the PS Audio has about a good 3-4 DB of power over the Ayre CD. I know both the Ayre and the PS Audio have excellent powwer supplies. I am planning on running another dedicated 20A (10/2)circuit - I was going to connect both the PS Audio and Ayre CD to this. Thoughts and suggestions?? Should I keep them separated??
To clarify your question, are you stating the the PS Audio plays louder by 3-4db ?
I can't find any info on the signal strength of its output (no specification section in their manual), but if it is louder then it has to be higher than the Ayre's:

2.05 V rms – unbalanced outputs
4.10 V rms – balanced outputs (PCM)
1.00 V rms – unbalanced outputs
2.00 V rms – balanced outputs (DSD)
I would describe it as a stronger/louder sound --- while I do not have any definitive audio measures (with a mic or similar). I do judge that by turning up the C-5xe by 3-5 on the volume (matching db to the 60 on the Ayre) I get closer to simlar strength in sound.

Am I being to impatient on putting the hours of use in the Ayre? Again had it since last October, but it has been powered off on numerous occasions (vacations, etc.) and is not used as much as the PS Audio in terms of total hours played.

Or is having both of these devices on the same powerstrip, from a shared circuit, to much and should separte both the CDP and the DAC regarding power?
You always need to compare devices at the same level of loudness. The DL III obviously has a higher output level than the Ayre, but it doesn't mean it has better or worse sound because of that. Just a stronger output signal coming out of its output stage. It is not necessarily a problem in any unit - only a difference between them.

You need to listen to each and adjust your volume levels accordingly for each so they are producing the same singnal strength out of your pream and into your amp and out of your speakers.
I also have the D Link III and it has sounded noticably "louder" than 2 SACD/CD
players that have been in the same system (same Power Conditioner for all and same power cords/interconnects all around). I have to turn the volume on the preamp up to make the sacd/cd players sound "as loud" as the D-Link III.
Ayre did that on purpose when they designed the c5xe. I don't remember all of the specific details, but I know that how they set the levels was done to improve sound quality. If you call them, they will explain it.
Thank you both for the feedback -- makes me stop the "endless circle of tweaking" and just turn the volume up and enjoy.
My C5 is at about the same output level as other spinners I've owned, except the SACD layer which is much lower.