Ayre C-5xe gone wonky

Something funky happened to my C-5xe. It won't pick up the SACD layer on hybrid discs and reverts to the CD layer. The display shows SACD -1 CD with the "-1" flashing before reverting to the CD layer. I've since disconnected the power cord hoping the thing goes cold and "reboots". C-5xe owners, has this happened to you before? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions before I have to contact Ayre.
You may want to try a full re-boot. I recently had the MP update added to mine and it came back with no digital out. The Ayre service rep walked me through the re-booting of the unit. It is a little involved but if you call them on Tuesday I beleive they will be more than happy to assist you. I have had only good experiences when dealing with Ayre. And if you haven't had the MP upgrade done it's like 250-300 to do. But WOW it is the best 300 you will ever spend on your system.
Thanks, Theo. I just received reboot instructions from the man himself, Mr. Hansen, on another forum, and it's working again. That said, I'm still planning to send mine in for the MP update. I also know there's an MP update impending for the K-5xe, which I plan to do too.
That's service! Or better said that's Ayre!
Is there any update for K-1xe too?
Not that I know of.
Theo is exactly correct about the MP upgrade and Ayre service! I was thinking about selling my C-5xe before the MP upgrade. Now I'm keeping it.

No upgrade to the K-1xe except to replace it with a KXR.
The MP upgrade for the K-5xe is "Maximum Performance" whereas the MP for the source components is "Minimum Phase." As I understand it, the Maximum Performance upgrade changes the output stage from bipolars to JFETs and came about as a result of the development of the USB DAC.