Ayre AX-7e vs Plinius 9200

I currently own an Ayre AX-7e which I feel is an outstanding integrated amp, however curiosity has got me. I've read and heard a lot about the Plinius 9200 also being one of the best solid state integrated amps. I have the older version Von Schweikert VR5's(91db)and the Ayre drives those fine. I also have have a pair of AAD 2001 monitors (86db) and the Ayre struggles a little driving them. I realize the Plinius at 200 watts per channel should help with the bottom end and drive, but will I give up anything? Have any of you compared the two amps? Please share your findings. Thank you.
I've the Plinius is good but that they have reliability issues.

I have been a Plnius dealer for close to two years and I have never seen a piece fail, so I don't know what Wireless is talking about.

The Plnius has a much warmer midrange with more punch that the Ayre which tends to be a clean slightly more drier sounding product.

So it comes down to a matter of taste.
I haven't heard about any reliability issues with Plinius. I have heard these two integrateds and sonically, they are quite different. Which you would prefer would depend on your tastes and associated equipment. I think the Ayre is more transparent, airier and neutral, while the Plinius is richer, warmer more vibrant. In the wrong system, the Ayre could sound clinical, while the Plinius could sound dark.
So 'will you be giving up anything?', I would say yes, but you would also be gaining something. Only you can decide if what you gain vs. what you give up is worthwhile.

Good luck,
My Plinius SA-100Mk3 had been with me for more than 4 years now and no issues at all. I've encountered more reliability issues with Sonic Frontiers. I agree with John's advice. Just a different sonic signature between those two amps.
I've owned the 8200mkII and now own the AX7e. I agree with Jmcgrogan2's opinion between the two. I do however think the Ayre is a higher quality, more accurate amp that provides more inner detail. It needs to be paired with components that bring the synergy you like.
It's tough to move up the Ayre line without selling your car.