Ayre AX-7e to switch to Naim Supernait

I've been using an Ayre AX-7e for about 6 months now and am considering going to a Naim Supernait. The amount of flexibility the Supernait has seems intriguing but I have no dealer near me to audition. Does anybody have any experience with these two integrateds?
I've had some experience with the Nait XS which should have a similar sonic character. Sorry, not a Naim guy. For the extra cost between the 2, you might look at going with a DAC or server. The Ayre is a nice piece. I wouldn't look at Naim unless you get into their higher end separates. The integrated's have a unique sound (not particularly natural, lean in the top, loose in the bottom, but they prance along nicely.)
Concur; it would be a step down.
A step down!
I'm very interested in the comments on this post. Ayre and Naim are pieces I am considering in the near future. Specifically the Ayre AX-7e and the Uniti or XS series from Naim. I will be auditioning them in the next month or so but feedback would be appreciated.

From those who have commented, would you mind elaborating, please? Thanks.


Moving from the Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp to the Naim Supernait is, in my opinion, a step down because of its terrific sound quality. I own two Ayre AX-7e amps and like them very much. I have one driving Quad 12L speakers in our family room and another one driving Sonus Faber Auditor M speakers in my living room. My music source is the Ayre CX-7eMP CD Player running balanced cables (XLR) to the amp.

The Ayre AX-7e is a basic two channel integrated amplifier without many bells and whistles. It is a great sounding amplifier. What flexibility does the Supernait have that you are looking for? If you need more control over your system than what the Ayre offers, you may have to change amps (Supernait or what ever else). You should consider what impact another amplifier will have on the sound quality coming through your speakers.

Please note that the Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp sounds much better running with balanced inputs and not RCA inputs. Many reviewers have said this. If your source does not have balanced outputs to your amp, maybe you should look at a source that has balanced outputs (XLR Connections).
Right now I do not have a CD player so I figured if I bought a Supernait I could use it's internal DAC with my DVD player until funds are available to upgrade to a better front end. I also like the fact that the Supernait can be used a pre or power and allows power supply upgrades. But I've been on the Naim merry go round before and when I start down the path I get obsessed with upgrading. I think I'll probably stick with the Ayre for now and possibly add a L-5xe in the future. Also need to try the Myrtle wood blocks. Thanks for all the advice.
I use to own an ayre ax7e. Great integrated amp. I switched to Nagra seperate pre and amp. I miss that ayre ax7e. Balanced sources bring out it's best. Charles Hansen the founder of ayre using one in his home system.
I have had a Ayre ax7 for week. I didn't like it at all and neither did my girlfriend. So IMHO any Naim amp would be an improvement. But I think the supernait is overpriced but if you want in integrated amp with a DAC ut might be for you. However I wouldn't buy any DAC wether or not it is part of an amp or not without a asychrone USB input. I believe USB is the future of digital audio.
I've also been researching the Pass INT-150 so maybe I'll eventually try that after I acquire a digital front end. Although I really like the sound of the AX-7e I do not like the ergonomics of the unit. I'm just used to a volume control I suppose and the labeling of the inputs I find annoying(Star, Moon, etc.)
I have owned a Supernait and an AX-7e. I found the Ayre to be fairly detailed, but uninvolving. The Naim is much more revealing of musical nuance and also more full bodied. It also reveals more instrument tone. To me, the Naim is a much better amp. Of course, it is more expensive, and should be.
I have also owned two Naim XS's, and while I did enjoy them very much, the Supernait is a better in every way. I would say the XS is closer to the Ayre, although the XS is also more "musical" than the AX-7e.
I think your Pass INT idea or consideration of a SIM integrated would be a worthwhile move that might be a sonic upgrade - ergonomics is an issue only you can decide. On sonics, the Ayre is a mighty fine unit.
I will be auditioning the Naim SuperNait and AX-7e in the next week or two. I will post my impressions for those interested. I've pretty much decided it will be one or the other. If neither one satisfies (which I can't imagine one wont but we all know how that goes sometimes) I'll have to go back to the drawing board.

On a different note, got a HRT Music Streamer+ coming to morrow. Looking forward to testing the comp. audio waters.


Be sure to compare them with the same DAC or source. the Dac in the Supernait is, while pretty good, its weakest link, IMO. It is probably better than the HRT, however. It just pales in comparison to really pricey dacs. I was using mine with either an ARC Dac8 or a Naim Dac.