Ayre AX-7e Static Discharge

I just got myself a used AX-7e and everything is working perfect. My only question now is everytime i turn off the main power (even after putting the amp on standby), i could hear a whirling sound coming from the amp and there will be a slight static discharge (or a slight thump) coming from the speakers. My guess is its due to the caps discharging but shouln't an amp costing this much have some kind of circuit to eliminate this noise? Or is there something wrong with my amp? Hope someone can help me clarify this issue. I am worried that it may damage my speakers in the long run.

My AX-7 doesn't do that. You need to call Ayre and ask for Michael - he'll know how to diagnose your problem and fix it (even if it's not the amp).
My Ayre AX-7e amp does not do that either. The above post is the best suggestion. Please call Ayre and describe the problem to them. I also suggest you not use the amp until this problem is fixed.
Thanks for the advice guys. Let's hope it is nothing too serious. I am all the way from Malaysia and my only concern if i send in the amp is to have the faulty parts replaced with inferior/lower quality parts. Sigh!
>>>I am all the way from Malaysia
Maybe you should contact the distributor for Malaysia (they might be able to do any needed repairs), but it will still be worth your time to call Michael at Ayre.

>>>replaced with inferior/lower quality parts
Did you have this problem with some company? This should be of no concern with Ayre - top shelf customer service.