Ayre amps - cool running?

Can anybody with experience with Ayre amplification tell me how hot or cool they run? I've had a big Krell, which was very warm when on but no music, and downright hot when actively being used, and I've had big Simaudio monos which were cool when on but no music, and only slightly warm under most conditions.
I think that your experience is in line with diff btwn amps that are Class A (run hot) and A/B, although some A/B amps are biased heavily into class A and will run warm-hot most of the time.
When I was using the Ayre V5Xe, it ran on the low side of moderately warm. My tube preamp generated a lot more heat. I never drove it hard so I can't speak to its temperature if it was really stressed.
Swampwalker is correct. It has to do with how the amp is biased. A TRUE class A amp runs extremely warm where a class B amp runs cool. AB fits in between and how much it runs into class A. Of course the newer Digi amps run cool.
I have a V-1xe and it is cool in standby and runs warm but not hot while in use. I used to have Levinson which ran very warm at idle, and hot during use.
I know the MXRs are only slightly warm when playing Watt Puppy 8s at high volume.

I had an Ayre V3 which ran hotter than any amp I've had - even at idle. I even called Ayre to ask if this was normal - their reply was "hot is good".
I had a V-1XE, ran very warm to hot. Around the same as the JC-1s, and the FPB 650Ms I have now. Beautiful, musical, amp.(V-1XE)
I had a V5/6 amp and it remained cool during idle and warm after driving it hard for 12 hours into Rockports...now have MX-Rs into Rockports and Ariel center...seems slightly cooler...no heat problems at all...but I do make sure air circulation is good...

I have a pair of the MXR's. They are cool when in stand-by mode and only get warm when in active use. I have never seen them get hot. You can always place your full hand on top of them and keep it there. They sound great as well. I highly recommend them.

You have my dream spealer/amp combo, to bad I will never own it. Heard that set once with a Mark lev. CD player it was really good but so much over my budget.
The MX-Rs can get quite warm into hot territory but that's driving them for hours on end at very loud volumes; typically they never get more than warm. My experience with the other newer amps (V-5xe and AX-7e) is that they never get more than warm.
I too have the MXR and they stay pretty cool but I dont listen at loud bolumes (<75db) and my speakers are 8 ohm nominal and fairly efficient. I used to have the Pass XA160 and there is no comparison. My room would get noticeably hotter with the Pass. I am very happy with my MXR.
I have a V-1xe and it seems to run cool to me. I never feel any warmth unless I actually touch the amp itself and then it is only slightly warm at most. I have a large room and the V-1xe sits on the floor so there is plenty of ventilation. Also, I do not play at extreme volumes for long periods of time.