Ayre Acoustics Discusses Transformers (Video)

“Pints with Ayre” hosted by Brent Hefley discussing Transformers in Audio Equipment with Jim White from Aesthetix Audio.

36.5 minute video

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Thanks for posting.  I'm getting a custom preamp built and this cued me to ensure that the OLED display is on its own transformer.  

A good video series I didn't know about.

"Pints With Ayre," the series of videos produced by Colorado manufacturer Ayre Acoustics, has been regular viewing chez Atkinson during these pandemic times. Covering subjects like volume control design, amplifier gain stages, audio transformers, and listening tests, the conversations between Ayre’s sales and marketing director Brent Hefley, chief engineer Ariel Brown, and CEO Ryan Berry, boutique anime and special guests like Jim White of Aesthetix and Twittering Machines’ Michael Lavorgna, present sometimes esoteric technical subjects in an easy-to-grasp manner. Each episode’s discussion is fueled by the presenters each choosing a favorite beer to sip or perhaps occasionally nervously gulp.