Ayon Triton---suggestion on speakers?

my new Triton seems to overwhelm, to some degree, my older Castle Inversion bookshelves---have augmented with REL sub, but am looking for suggestions re: potential speakers to audition---and perhaps suggestion on DAC to go with my CAL AUDIO CL 15---thoughts?
I temporarily have a Spirit-1 in my listening room that is driving Silverline Bolero speakers. While I like what I hear, I could only imagine the Triton would be even better with them.

You might also have a look at some of the EgglestonWorks speakers.
If you click on Virtual Systems and then type in Ayon Triton there are a few members who have posted systems that you can look at.
I also have an Ayon Triton (still in the box). I'm considering the Verity Parsifal Ovations (89db). On other threads here, some say the Ovations don't need much power. Others say more power is the way to go. I'm praying the Triton and Ovations are a perfect match.
Good luck in your quest!
Do yourself a huge favour and have a look at the LaHave Audio Mela owned by one member who has a virtual system posted here. I had a chance to hear these recently and they are the best match for tube electronics I have heard in my 27 years of this hobby
The Triton and Acoustic Zen Crescendos sound fantastic together.
The Ayon Triton pairs up nicely with my Verity Parsifal Ovations. More than enough power in both the Pentode mode and Triode mode. I have my new sytem in a temporary location so there aren't any tweaks or room acoustic improvements yet. Breaking in a new Oppo 95 and it's sounding better with more play. Dusted off an old Kyocera TT with a new Bellari phono stage. All in all...very happy so far but can't wait to move it all to a permanent location complete with all the tweaks and upgrades.