Ayon Triton-Speakers? like Quattros, but---


Listening to lots of speakers---seem to prefer the Vandersteen Quattros--but, these are not capable of wiring properly into the Triton--

So--ideas as to other speakers with the focus, roundness, etc of the Vandersteen? I am not terribly fond of speakers that are "too bright" and or do not bring everything in the composition into, well, "focus"--tight-Integrated---think the Ayon piece is substantial, but now---on the lookout for just the right fit. Ideas are MORE than welcome at this point. Thanks.
Always select speakers first. If you are drawn to the sound of Vandersteen loudspeakers then you should probably buy them.

Other speakers that are like Vandersteen are Devore Fidelity which are also liquid sounding speakers, Other speakers you might like Gallo Acoustics 3.5 soft top end an and a big soundstage, not as full bodied as the Vandersteens and the Gershman speakers.

Stay away from B&W, KEF, Monitor Audio, Wilson, Magico, and most any speaker with a metal dome. I know Vandersteens use a metal dome tweeter but the speakers are voiced on the warm side while most metal domes sound much more forward.

Also check out Harbeth, and Spendors, and Dynaudio.

I would always pick the speaker first and then build the system around it no matter how cool you might think the Ayon is unless you can find the right synergy with the loudspeakers I would walk away from the amp and find a dealer who can setup the speakers with the amps you like and then you will know what the system will sound like.
((--but, these are not capable of wiring properly into the Triton--))
You can get the high pass into the Triton right at the input
of the source and it will work with the Vandersteen Quatros
you would need to read the manual and just figure out the input imp and will allow you to get the proper x over
you can e mail me off line to discuss further
Best Johnnyr
someone did indeed suggest re wiring amp to accept the Vandersteens--but not being knowledgeable in this field, I am concerned about what this "might" do to amp (realizing rationally, it's most likely a simple procedure) and or, what the amp sounds like, after procedure with these speakers when done---will it all have been for naught---yep, should have bought speakers first---well, you can see the quandry; will try to seek out some of the other speakers mentioned, if any are available in Chicagoland--and thanks to all for your thoughts.
Acoustic ZEn Crescendos, best match ever,
you have to listen that to believe the synergy, i listened at a dealer, I came home that night and i did not stop working until i got it,

all luxman, and dali gear all gone,
no regrets!

Good luck