Ayon Triton or Spirit III with Dynaudio C1's

Hi everyone, input appreciated:

I've asked what amp people would recommend for a pair of Magnepan 3.7's. I'm close to purchasing a pair of speakers, but thanks to listening to the Dynaudio C1's at RMAF as well as a local dealer, I'm going with them instead of the Maggies.

My question, then, regards the best combo of amp for the C1's in a moderately large room.

On my short list are:

1) Audio Research Ref 75
2) Audio Research VSi75
3) Octave v70SE
4) Ayon Triton III
5) Ayon Spirit III

My first instinct is to go with one of the Ayon amps, but I don't know if that would be a good pairng. Thoughts about any of the above?
I would use a combo of Tube Preamp and Solid State Amp. Dynaudios LOVE clean power. You can push them hard with a high power amp and they will take it. They need lots of power to open up. Tube amps are not a great match for this speaker. Unless its a high power one like ARC.. The Triton is only 125 watts a side....it will work, but is it the best match?? not really.
I have heard the C1's with the Octave v40SE (without the black box). Not really impressed. Switched to the Sim Moon Audio 600i and that made all the difference in the world. Image specificity, wide soundstaging and transient snap all fell into place. The Moon 600i is my first choice for a solid state amp. I really like the sound of tubes and was impressed with Ayon on RMAF. I'm hoping this makes for a great synergistic combination. Just not sure, as you said, it would be enough power.

While I cannot help with most of the amplifiers in question, I am also in a somewhat similar situation. I have some c1s on the way (mk1) and own a variety of amps. I previously owned the mk2 paired with a Cary sli80 which was a great combo in my small room. I will be trying the mk1s out with a variety of amps including pass x250.5, octave v40se, exposure 2010s2 and mcintosh mac6700. We'll see how it goes.
What amp was driving the speaker that caused such a favorable impression on the two occasions? I admit a strong preference for good tube amplifiers, but only with an appropriate speaker. Some speakers are designed to be driven by transistor amps. The Dynaudio could possibly fall in that niche.
As a Dyn C1 owner that has upgraded to the C1 Sig I have to disagree/agree with Bruce. I also had the Octave V40se - V70se and currently have the V110.

That being said the original C1 needed to be cranked up (high listening levels)to sound their best. I've had a black box (not super). The black box lowers the noise floor and adds a bit more headroom. The V40 will work but again turn it up. The V70 was a bit better in that it had a hair more 'control' in the sound. Then I upgraded to the C1 Sig. The MKII/Sig DO NOT need to turned up to sound their best. They sound best at low/mid to high volumes. But I am not sure the MKII/Sig can be as loud as the originals. Moot point for me as I prefer low/mid to low/high volumes.

The V110 the last upgrade I've made and it offers a bit more control in the sound when in high (110W power) mode vs the low (70W) mode.