Ayon Triton integrated or Primaluna Dialogue preamp / Parasound Halo JC1 monoblocks

Hi, looking for your recommendations regarding the above. The Ayon is supposed to work very well with my speakers ( Tekton Ulfbherts ).  Can anyone recommend either from experience?

thank you, Mike
I have not heard the Tekton Ulfbherts.  My only encounter with Tekton was the entry level model, so it's irrelevant.

But here's my 2 cents:

1) (based on my Infinity and Pipedream owner experience)

This kind of mass driver arrays require tons of power and a huge room to shine.  Otherwise it's a bowl of badly overcooked spaghetti soaked in excessive olive oil.   To give you a perspective, my Kharma and Wilson sound fine in my 20' (front) x 30' (side) rectangular room just fine.  Big horns like Oris 15 needs a bigger room (sounded quite miserable in the same room), Maggies (3.6 / 3.7 / 20.7) could use even bigger to be mind blowing.  The Pipedreams I had could sound even more amazing with more space (and higher ceiling).

So is your room ready for such massive sounding speakers?   (may be Tekton could throw in their $0.02 on room sizing)

2) (based on my past Triton ownership)

I owned Ayon Triton I.  Not that different from Triton II (has balance inputs) nor III (fully balanced with auto bias) from over-all designs perspective.  I am not sure if the Ayon Triton has the kind of juice to drive this Tekton well.   Keep in mind the Triton I uses passive preamp, not something optimal for your speakers.  The Triton sounds tremendously better with, say, an Lamm L1 preamp, or an BAT tube preamp (I cannot remember the exact model, VK30 or?  6 ECC88 tubes plus another tube or two, something like that)

That PrimaLuna is nice.   

Cannot speak for that Parasound since I listened to them only causally at my friend's place.  I didn't like it simply due to my tube amps affinity.