Ayon Triton Integrated or Keep my BAT?

Hello All-

Anyone have experience with the Ayon Triton Integrated Amp?


I'm considering upgrading my BAT VK-300SE and this integrated looks pretty interesting. Not much chatter here on the unit but there were favorable comments coming out of RMAF. My BAT is currently driving Dali MS4s and my souces are a Modwright Transporter and a Basis 2500 Signature TT (Vector3/Shelter 90x/GNSC-EAR 834P). Audience AU24e all around. So what say you A'goners?

Ok, here's my opinion and saying this w/o hearing your Ayon...

It's pretty hard to move away from BAT if you like it. I have tried on a number of occasions. I can get somethings different, somethings better, but you always loose that what you love about the BAT "sound"

I'd consider going to BAT separates...
Hey Jfrech. Definitely like the BAT sounds and I have owned their separates in the past (you may remember my 52SE listing). Just trying to find a one box solution that moves in the direction of the BAT pre/BAT tube amp combo. I'm hoping that the Triton is a move in that direction. Unfortunately, they do not have a dealer in my area and I'm trying to arrange a 30 day home trial. How did your preamp experiment go? You mentioned trying out another brand.
Check with my friend Budburma. I know he bought one a couple of months ago and has raved about it to me. I haven't heard it, but it looks very promising. Send Art (Budburma) a PM if he doesn't see your thread.

Thanks John. I asked him about his experience a few days ago and looking forward to his response.
Cbd0815: I should have bought your vk52se. seriously, I regret it...then upgraded it to REX when I could...that's after my experiments...
Cbd0815: Sorry I missed your id !

I should have bought your vk52se. seriously, I regret it...then upgraded it to REX when I could...that's after my experiments...
I think I saw a black vk52se hit the site the other day. I'm sure you'll have many more opportunities this year Jfrech. I'll be doing a Ayon Triton versus BAT Vk300x SE shootout later this month. I'll have both units in my system by 1/23 and I'll post findings.
I have been totally impressed and blown away by the Ayon Triton in relation to the depth of soundstaging and detail. I never owned tubes before and now ask myself why I waited sooooo long. The Ayon CD-1 is my main 2-channel CD player paired with B&W 802D speakers. I have tried both the Pentode & Triode modes and agree with Paul at USA Tube Audio that Triode is it. That's where the amp shines and performs best. Pentode puts out more watts but the sound is too bright and shallow & doesn't have the soundstaging depth that I want. I kept the shipping box in my spare room thinking that I'd be shipping the amp back before the trial period ended but found that it was not necessary. I have NO regrets for the investment & choice. The construction and looks are top drawer and a work of art. I can now hear Chris Botti filling his lungs up with air between trumpet passages that I never picked up before. Enjoy!!! Don't hold back because of the amps output rating as it is all Class A and will deliver as I have found out even in the bottom spectrum...Mike
I purchased my Ayon Triton in October 08 and I own the Escalante Design Freemont speakers. WOW! The Triton amplifier is for sure the best amplifier I have ever owned and I have owned some heavy hitters, all tube gear of course. I upgraded from the Spirit model and it is incredible, a beast of a unit, dynamic impressive soundstage that will blow you away. Transparent & three dimensional. You can use the Triton in Triode mode or Pentode mode, Pentode mode with my Freemonts is absoulutely incredible, tight accurate fast bass, fluid mids & the highs are super smooth & sweet. The Triton is worth the money. If you can afford it buy it.
:) J
Encouraging reports guys. I expect to have the Triton in two weeks, and I'm looking forward to the shootout with my BAT integrated. Sounds like the BAT will be facing some stiff competition!
I agree with Audio852, every word of it. I also have Escalante Design Freemont loudspeakers and love listening to them with the Triton in Pentode. Simply amazing.
Hey Guys-

The Ayon Triton has landed! I just finished uppacking the triple box and positioning it on the stand to beging the thawing process. Kinda cold here in the Washington, DC suburbs (12 miles from the White House). The unit is much bigger that I expected and it definitely looks all business! The BAT - Ayon faceoff will begin this weekend. Stay tuned...
Tonight I had time to do some side-by-side listening with the BAT and Ayon. The Ayon reminded me of everything I liked about tube amplification - smoother & fuller tone, along with a more spacious presentation. The Ayon also reminded me of the drawbacks I've experienced with tubes - bass that tends to be a little too fat & slow, and a less resolved presentation across the frequency spectrum. I'm really surprised how well the BAT hung in there with the Ayon. I expected the Ayon to smoke the BAT, but it didn't. Too early for conclusions but it looks like the BAT will be putting up a fight. More to come...
Hi Cbd0815,
Interesting, my experinece with my Triton is that is delivers bass that is tight & fast, really incredible & the sound spectrum is full & dynamic, super micro yet smooth and airy warm presentation. I connected the Triton to my B&W 800 and Escalante Freemonts and its the best soundstage I have ever experineced. My friend has the top line Pass Labs amp, we did an AB and it smoked the Pass.
Just curious, what source are you using and which speakers do you own?
Hey Audio852- the source I'm using right now is a Modwright Transporter network music player (tube output stage and platinum power upgrade). The Ayon is driving a pair of Dali Euphonia MS4s. The Modwright Transporter easily outperformed my two prior CDPs (Sim Audio Moon Eclipse LE & Resolution Audio GNSC modified Opus 21), so I'm pretty confident with what is up front. I wish I had my vinyl rig set up. I'm waiting on a few upgrade components so it is still sitting in the box. About the bass, I'm listening in triode this morning and I'm noticing that the bass seems tighter, while retaining the rounder texture. Sounding pretty good! If I remember correctly, the B&Ws are not the most efficient speaker; right? Would you mind sharing your experiences in going between the more efficient Freemonts and the B&W 800s? I’m wondering if speaker efficiency may be an issue on my end.
looking forward to more of the showdown...
Hi Cbd0815,
I am running the Ayon CD-3 2 piece tube CD player, I am very satisfied with this source, I also have an Artemis turntable & phonstage. I find myself enjoying the Ayon CD-3 more. My B&W speakers are the 803D, their sensitivity is 90db vs 93db on the Escalante Freemonts. Both speakers sound excellent with the Triton, but the Freemonts have a real pronounced super low end bass, the Triton punches out
10Hz-60kHz and the Freemont handle it better. I think you will find that the Triton is one of a kind, mine gets better weekly.
Okay- I’m going with the Ayon Triton! The BAT VK300x-SE is for sale and the Triton has found a home in my audio rack. I have been a long time BAT fan and have owned at least eight different BAT amps, preamps, and integrated amps over the years. I have nothing negative to say about the 300x-SE. It is a solid performer but I definitely prefer what I’m hearing from the Triton on my Dali MS4s. I’m not sure I have a handle on all of the appropriate terms to use to explain the differentiating factors, but here goes: (1) soundstage goes to the Triton – definitely more dimensional with more front to back depth. On certain cuts, I sense that walk through feel that I’ve heard others reference, (2) bass goes to the Triton – I was a bit surprised by this. I expected the SS piece to offer deeper bass, but the Triton held its own here. What set the Triton apart was the bass note delineation, and a kind of roundness of the notes. The bass on the Triton has a lot of texture which added richness. While the 300x-SE bass may have been a touch tighter, it was at the expense of the roundness and texture I mentioned, (3) resolution – tie. The cool thing about the Triton is that it presents richness and texture without giving up resolution. Ayon has found a very good balance here. The 300x-SE presents a highly resolved picture, but it is more like turning up the sharpness control on your TV. The picture seems more detailed and crisp, but everything has sharp edges. Again, nothing negative about the 300x-SE, just different flavors, (4) tone again to the Triton –I think this has to do with the roundness of notes and the texture I previously mentioned. Everything has more body and a natural feel. Both male and female vocal sound more like a live breathing person is singing. The difference is pretty big here…, (5) musical versatility – tie. At first I thought the Triton would not be able to handle more complex and upbeat music, and it would be limited to the jazz side of my collection. Well, it does excel with jazz compositions (50% of my listening), but it is solid with Rock, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, and Hip-Hop (yes- Dead Prez, Mos Def, Talib Kaweli & The Roots are in my rotation!). The 300x-SE is a versatile beast, and handles everything well, (6) user interface to the 300x-SE – not even close here. The 300x-SE is a fully featured integrated with many programmable features. The Triton is basic in function, and I don’t think Ayon’s intent was to build an integrated that would complete with products like the BAT in this regard, (7) cool factor – Triton by a mile! Have you seen it? No need to explain…
Thanks for the mini-review, I'll have to see if I can get a listen to a Triton someday. Congrats, and enjoy the tunes.

Very very interesting post i am looking to upgrade my Bow Wazoo XL integrated amplifier and the B.A.T vk300x-se was one of my choices with the Jeff Rowland concentra mk2 but after reading all these posts the fact that the B.A.T. vk300x-se could even come close to the much more expensive & all tube Ayon triton is a very good point for the B.A.T. thank you all for this thread it will help me make a better decision as for maintenance i would rather buy a couple of tubes every two or three years then 14 even if the Ayon triton is just a little bit better i think i could live easely with the B.A.T. vk300x-se and save lots of $$$$$$$$$$ but i still love the Jeff Rowland ( at least the old stuff )
Oups im sorry i made a little mistake for the B.A.T. MY CHOICE WOULD BE THE VK300X not the SE version i love a sweet sound and would like tube rolling to get my kind of sound and of course on the used market a little cheaper that helps to.

i upgraded to vk3xi/vk55 after owning vk300x for 6 mos(daily listening). besides slam/bass, the pre/power presents HOLOGRAPHIC MIDS/HIGHS and makes Jazz/Vocals much much much more emotionally involving.....
Hey Audiogoners!

Both Ayon Audio & Bat are excellent audio products. I will say this much, I have owned several BAT amps, but until You have heard the Ayon Triton - you don't know what you have been missing, for real.

hi Jim,

can u describe the Ayon sound? I hv been a BAT fan - though not for long - but i hv gone from marantz - luxman - naim - nad - yamaha - audio note (nt in tat order) before settling on BAT. What draws me to BAT is that honey glow - piano cabaret sound which other brands just lack. Maybe these features of BAT house sound are just audio tweaks that BAT deliberately put in BUT its just makes listening to music so emotionally involving. (Except complicated orchestra/classical - which i dun find so well presented) other than that, its v fine for me indeed.

pleased to hear your description of BAT sound vs Ayon.

ps: am i m only using the entry level vk3xi/vk55 now ...

Anyone else still using this B.A.T. integrated?