Ayon spirit vs audio research vsi-60

Does anyone know how the Ayon spirit would compare to the audio research vsi-60? This would be driving totem winds. Any feed back on this would be appreciated.
Hi Maverick -
I have heard the vsi-60 mated with ProAc D15's and I really had no complaints other then I thought that the top end was kind of hot - which may have been cabling or the ProAc. Great bass, great soundstage , crystal clear and detailed.

One thing I would note that it did not sound "tubey" to me.
Please note that when I say that it is in relation to the Cayin A-88T, Cary SLI-80 as well as the SLP-98 running a CJ MV60SE, or any combo of CJ or Cary products I have heard.

I have no experience with the Ayon, other then word of Mouth.
In another post you mentioned that you currently own a Vsi-55. My guess is if you want a more "tube/lush" like sound, you may want to look elsewhere then the vsi-60 or find out more info on the Ayon.

What is your thoughts on the vsi-55 - I am looking into acquiring the VS55 soon, so would like to know your thoughts.
I'm not sure where you read that i have a vsi-55. I know someone suggested it to me but i dont have one. I was going to order the vsi-60 today but i think i will wait until monday and keep reading a bit more. I have never owned a tube amp or integrated before. A friend of mine is really into tubes and suggested that i give it a try and honestly for the money its pretty reasonable. For me to get a statement amp integrated or apart would cost me about 8-10 thousand to come near what i heard from the AR on Thurs.
I just want to make sure i am getting the best money can buy for the price i am spending. The reason i mentioned the Ayon is because it seems to have alot of good reviews on them. Although the AR is fairly new on the market. I just wanted some feed back on anyone who might have one either one or the other. I did think the AR sounded great and have no complaints just want to make sure i have enough of power to drive my winds properly.
Cheers and thanks for the comments
you may be able to audition the arc in your area. though its modest in wpc compared to ss counterparts, the arc will drive the power hungry mani...the wind however may be a challenge for either amp. something north of 100wpc may be more suitable. i think the manufacturer or your dealer may be able to guide you best, but a beefy krell integrated would be worth a listen. the speaker is killer, but it does need killer 'power' over amp 'type'.
Jaybo. i did audition the vsi-60 already. And if it can drive the MANNI's then it would have no problems driving my winds as the Manni's are harder to drive then the winds.
AR and Ayon Audio are for sure top brands. But I can tell you that the Ayon Spirit, which I owned previously, I ended pulling the trigger on uograding to the Triton, well the Spirit is an excellent unit. My friend owns the AR vsi60 and there is no doubt that the Spirit was more micro detailed and musical, it was apparent from the getgo when we spent the afternoon ABing. I am pretty sure that the Pure Class A factor is the differnace. The specs on the AR, its not pure class a.
then you should be 'home free' with the arc. its an incredible piece and the speakers are among the best. enjoy.
there is also the option of the new ayon orion amp. it is my understanding that the orion is the original spirit but manufactured in china instead of austria and retails for $2400 instead of the $4000 price of the spirit II. the spirit II would have better parts, made in austria and comes with more expensive tubes.
usa tube audio has a trail period.
i got offered the spirit tonight for 2850 shipped. It was used once for a demo and has 80hrs on the new tubes.
I think you should buy them both and start another threat titled:

The Austrian Hunk of Burning Love vs. the Minnesotan Monster, or something. It seems after posting so many threads on an amp you owe it to the community to conduct the shootout. ;) Please make it happen.

I just wouldn't pay too much for either when you can get them for 50 or 60 percent of retail here. Also, have you considered the chest pounding exotic Kronzilla, late ancestor of the tower climbing beast from Tokyo?

Keep us posted.
Sorry for all the posts, but when looking to make no mistake one needs to get as much info as possible. And there is no way i can afford both of them.
Well after much debate i have made up my mind. I will be stearing away from the tubes just because of lack of power. I have opted to go with a Bryston Bp 26 with dac incorporated and Bryston's 4b sst square. Thanks for all the patients and knowledge to the forums on audiogon. I should get the 4B sst in about 2 weeks and will keep you updated. Thanks again to everyone.