Ayon Spirit III - switching 2 broken tubes


So after 1.5 years of use I have no sound from the speakers and 2 red LED's on the back of the amp signaling that something is wrong with V2 and V3. So I'm assuming these 2 tubes have gone and now I'm in line for ordering a new set of four. Fine.

I asked my distributor if I can swap V2 and V3 tubes with the (apparently) good ones from V1 and V4 to see if now V1 and V4 will light up on the back of the amp. The distributor advised against it as it could damage the amp. I did it anyway and I'm still getting red LED's on the back for V2 and V3. Does this mean something is wrong other than the tubes? Have a damaged something by swithing about the tubes? Can I now still place the new 4 tubes without a worry?

I have also written to Ayon to get their advice and I will report back once I get a reply.

Many thanks!
The unit should be looked at by a tech. Too often something has blown and will cook a brand new set of tubes. It's well worth the $60 for a tech to look at it.
Thanks Elevick.

Well I have a reply from Ayon (they've been prompt which is nice) and they suggest that the KT88 tube may have destroyed a resistor.

So it's off to the factory for service - not me, the amp :)
I guess then they can diagnose if it's the amp or the tubes at fault.

So does that mean the tubes may possibly be fine?
I have ordered a new set just in case.

I will keep updating as soon as I know more.
I'd have the tubes tested. Your local hifi shop or a shop that sells guitars and guitar amps will be able to test them. Better yet maybe Ayon can do it while your amp is there.
Personally I would keep the V1 & V4 tubes WHILE ordering another quad. I've had tubes arc over and they usually work for a while. I mean the longest I've had a tube that arced over last for is 4 months before it finally went to tube heaven. In fact that tube (SED 6550 winged 'C') AND it arced over 3 times in 4 months. The fact that you swapped V1/V4 with V2/V3 and the problem stayed with the V2/V3 tubes makes me think you have a tube that will fail again. My Octave has a protection circuit that doesn't take out resistor when an output tube fails.

That being said I would be afraid to put either tube (V2 or V3) back in the amp for fear it may take out another resistor.
Hello Norbi! Just checking back with you to see what happened with your Spirit III after sending it to Ayon. What was the diagnosis, and did you get it back yet? Was it covered under warranty? I was curious to know if it ended up being a bad resistor...Let us know when you get time.