Ayon Spirit III or Vincent V60 integrated amp

I currently have a Primaluna Dialogue 2 driving my Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers. Love the sound especially after I added all NOS tubes to the Dialogue 2. But I am looking to replace the Sonus Fabers with Volent VL2 speakers in the near future so I need more power. Even if I keep the Cremona Auditors (terrific sound) I'd like more power from my amp. Any thoughts on replacing my Dialogue 2 with either an Ayon Spirit III or the Vincent V60? Thank you for your comments. Cal. Los Angeles Orange County Audiophile Society member.
I believe the Vicent v60 would be the better choice, It has more of the tube magic going on, and is reliable, I cannot say these things about the Ayon spirit III.
I spoke to the U.S. distributor of Vincent audio products today (12/19/13). W. S. Distributing Company no longer imports the Vincent V 60 and they have not done so for two plus years. This explains the "rarity" of this integrated amp for sale on Audiogon as well as retail outlets. Their explanation for dropping the V 60 was that it simply was not selling in America though it is a current production amp in the European market. A specific reason for discontinuing importation was not given but price point was said to be a factor. So, due to the likely absence of dealer support and parts in the future I am no longer considering the Vincent V 60. However, I would like feedback on the Ayon Spirit III in regards to it's use with Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers OR the Volent VL2 -- also a stand mounted speaker. Thanks.
I spoke to the U.S. distributor of Vincent audio products today (12/20/13) and learned that even though Vincent V-60 is not imported anymore from Europe, it is still in production over there and if needed in the future, parts as well as servicing is available through W.S. Distributing.
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@ Dramapsycho, Hi, I would look into what vincent has to offer for intergrateds here, I'm sure they have a replacement, audio-advisor is the sister company for w.s.distributing, Joe is the person to speak with at audio-advisor, tell him Keith sent you, they have impecable service after the sale!, He can tell you all that you need to know with making a great selection with what you want.
Audiolabyrinth -- Thank you for the advice. I will phone Keith this week. I am not doubting the quality of the Vincent (though some cosmetic issues are being mentioned regarding nobs and scratches -- on this site). I just don't want to be left on an island alone IF I need service in the future.

I have a friend who has owned an Ayon Spirit1 for several years. He loves the sound and has had no problems with it. I recently moved out my Rogue separates system for an Ayon Triton 1 and am very happy with the move. If you should decide to consider Ayon, Paul at USATubeAudio is very helpful and my transactions with them have always been first rate.
For sure an unfair comparison. How can anyone compare any Ayon to a Vincent product.

Really impossible.