Ayon Spirit III and Klipsch Cornwalls experience?

First off, I am relatively new to tubes and I am not an audiophile, not even close. I just know what I like and what sounds good to me. I bought my first tube amp last year (Rogue Cronus Magnum) for my seasonal place in Michigan. I felt an integrated amp rather than separates makes more sense economically, especially for the amount of time I am able to spend there. I do however, want to get the best sound for my dollar. My first experience listening to the Cronus was disappointing but and after a call to Rogue and a Telefunken preamp center 12AU7 roll and 2 RCA clear tops for the two remaining AU's, it made a huge difference. Although greatly improved, at times I am still noticing some smearing or compression during complicated passages, most noticeably in the lower to mid end. I have been running a NAD cd player (just bought a Rega Apollo) and my speakers are Cornwall II's with freshened caps and tweets. I love the horn sound. I don't want to go through the hassles/expense of rolling any more tubes (trying to fix the amp) so I plan on dumping the Rogue and moving up to a higher end, pure class A, integrated tube amp. Along with a few others, I have been looking at the Ayon Spirit III. I really like this amp, and it looks so cool! So far, I have only read up on the Spirit III and have not had the chance to give it a listen. I have read several positive reviews - all quite complimentary. I have also spoken to a few people (dealers only) and everyone says it is a great amp for the money. As for as negatives, I have read where the Spirit may be lacking in the bass department, especially in the triode mode. Can anyone comment on this? From my experience and coming from a solid state background, I think I understand this issue but I am still unclear. Listening to my Cronus Magnum - there seems to be a definite lack of low end punch at times, and other times it sounds quite good. Overall, at times, something seems to be lacking during complicated passages as the lower end sound tends to muddle together. There does appear to be a difference from what I remember hearing from my Bryston 4B and I also realize all sound is extremely subjective to each individual listener. Can I make this go away with a better integrated tube amp within my budget? Has anyone had have any experience with the Ayon Spirit III? How does it sound with regards to the bass? Anyone out there running an integrated amp with horns want to chime in? My current budget is 4 grand or less and I will definitely grab something on the used market. My music leans toward Zep, Plant, Plant/Page, 70's classic rock, CSN&Y, and new stuff too, Diana Krall, Lori McKenna, Texas Americana, or most anything in that vein, singer/songwriter stuff well recorded. Thanks