Ayon Skylla II vs Lampizator 4 or 5

Any comparative info between the two?
I had Ayon 5 cd player briefly and then I got Lamp, the new 4 version. I ended up with Lampizator. Sorry I cant provide more info, Lamp just sounded better.
I am in the market for a DAC and the Lampi was on my list. The way the sound was explained to me by a reviewer was "The Lampizator is a good choice if you like tube sound (sweeter treble, more textured midrange but diminished dynamics and less bass control)"

Personally I am leaning towards Calyx Femto at this point.
Blue then you never heard the Laamp?

Where is the Fento built?
Is it SS?
The lamp build quality is hokey to me.
No, where I am located it is hard to audition. The reviewer over at Stereo Mojo has the same speakers, amp, source and cable I am getting so I am pretty confident.

Made in Korea, SS.

Build quality is supposed to be top notch for the Femto. 40lbs for a DAC
As time goes by the new DACs are definitely better.
Apart from radically different designs they are all pretty well using the same chips.
I started with an Apogee some years back and even at one point questioned what the beneficial difference was.
Then I got into the Bel Canto's DACs.
The difference was like turning the lights on.
We then went into tubes and compared Ayon's SC1 to the Bel Canto VB models.
Yes the Ayon is better but marginally.
The latest buzz was the Lampizator and yes we ordered a level 5.
The wait time was so absurd we eventually cancelled.
I was happy we did as their build quality continued to haunt me throughout the waiting.
Needless to say we did not listen to the Lampi.
However after attending CES and THE this year I was presented with the holy grail.
Out of the 100 some odd exhibitors I visited one that continued to stay with me was Bluelight Audio.
Both their Evolution line and Playback Designs were a revelation for me
I couldn't get over the clarity of the source and inquired as to what chip they were using. Playback's president explained it was a proprietary system and not the same old chips.(Burr Brown or Sabre)
The system automatically recognizes any source (such as a PC, IPod, Discman, etc.) and uses new technology they have developed called PDFAS (Playback Designs Frequency Arrival System) to completely eliminate all jitter.
I am considering the Skylla II as an upgrade from the Ayon Cd2s. I have not the heard Lamp., so cannot answer the OP's question but FWIW I compared the Cd2s to the highly regarded Prism Orpheus Pro DAC and to me the Cd2s DAC was better. So now I am looking at the Skylla II or potentially the playback designs PBD5. Will try to audition the Play back soon.
The lampi is VERY dynamic.

I have had 2 and I also have the Dac in the Dspeaker and just got a Chord Qute.

The Lampi is a hell of a Dac...solid 3-D is the best way to describe it!
Well I just ordered a Lampi 3 but with a few upgraded components so it should be close to the 4.

I will also be able to get a home audition on the Femto soon so I can do a comparison. Will keep you posted.
Would love to hear how the Lampi compares to the Femto. I have a Lamp L5 Gen 4 but was also considering the Femto.
I too have a Lampizator L4/G4 and love its sound, though don't let Wisnon's description of the sound confuse you. Its very refined and polished, but is also very versatile. In fact, it even sounds great with indie and hip hop music.
I too was looking for a new dac...I borrowed a friend's Lamp4 Gen4 and thought it was excellent: big wide layered stage with natural analog ease. I sold my good value and very nice sounding Bryson BDA 1 and ordered a brand new Lamp4 Gen4 also. I can't wait. I added USB too.
L5 with DSD in the stall. The sound it produces is the end of the Rd. for me.

If not for a great friend and Distributer like Ming Su I would never recommend anyone buying a Lamp Dac as they are built like the old UK MG. cars. Ready to break down and poorly built but if one can wade through all that and let Ming get it right for you ... Well then you are set for life.

My wife is a feely/connection/communication/emotional and touchy type person and I am not all that yet when it comes to playback of my system I want just that. Just like a women. Ding ding!! Well the Lamp L5 does just that and more so.

A Dac from Poland LOL!! Build quility poor with to much Vodka. But throw in Ming Su into the mix and you are ginning ear to ear every time you hit play.
I received my new Lampizator Level 4 Gen 4 about a month ago and am completely convinced it was the right move for me.I am sorry I can not make the comparison you originally asked for because I have not heard your other consideration and so I will not detour this thread but in defense of the Lamp I am so far finding the overall build quality and reliability perfectly fine. As for sound quality it is truly ground- breaking in its huge soundstage, densely intact characterizations, open airy atmosphere and uncanny natural "There-ness" ( please pardon my odd choice of descriptors... ) Hope you don't mind my 2 cents... Good luck with your decision and happy Lissn'n...
I'm replacing my amazing Lamp Level 4 Gen4 with a Level 6 because I can't get over how fantastic this Dac sounds... I also can't believe there's much room for improvement but after listening to the 4 and really studying the fanatical attention to detail... I'm convinced Lampizator is the way to go. Good luck on your own journey too.
For those who think the Lampi build quality is hokey:

Well some of the guys at Audiocircle have units and may be willing to entertain demos. Contact Gopher over there and he can tell you who in his network lives close by...
More feedback here:


Level 6 feedback: