Ayon's "Scorpio" tube imtegrated amp vs PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium tube integrated??.

I have considered trying a tube integrated amp. The Prima Luna Prologue Premium has received numerous positive testimonials regarding its sound quality and is considered a bargain at $2399.  Ayon’s new "Scorpian" tube integrated  is more expensive at $4200,  supposedly offers excellent sound quality, but has not gathered many press reviews. .

 Is  anyone familiar with these products??  Are they  reliable over the long haul?? and if so, can either amp  effectively drive any speaker load, including Golden Ear Technology model 7 or the larger model 5.  Or have any problems driving Magneplanar .7 speaker, or any of the Martin Logan speakers.  Thank you  

@aberyclark, personally I would lean toward a Leben CS-600 which can be found in good shape 2nd hand around your budget, unless you need inefficient speakers. That amp looks gorgeous & has a very good headphone amp which is a bonus - http://lebenhifi.com/products/cs600.html

If you are moving up to the $3500 range, I'd recommend you just try out a Raven Audio Blackhawk Limited Edition and be done with it.  Check out this review in which he compared the Blackhawk LE to Ayon and Cary tube amps(it was not even close):



From your other thread I noticed your stated musical tastes:

"I listen to Classic Jazz, Classical and Classic - Prog Rock mostly."

I think the Raven might be perfect for that.
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I did some extensive listening with the Blackhawk LE paired with 92dB sensitivity Legacy Audio Signature SE speakers.  The sound was just excellent from top to bottom, but especially vocals.  The Raven are built in Texas for sure.  Call Dave and talk to him, he'll fix you up.