Ayon S-10 Mk 2 with ROON / Tips for better SQ

Just noting here two changes I made recently to the Ayon S-10 mk 2 which improved SQ significantly for me and might help others:.

1. I changed the tubes to Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi 

  The previous tubes had about 3-4,000 hours on them so were ready for a change and that probably accounts for the large uptick but still a very welcomed improvement and recommended.      

2. I tried the ROON volume levelling which reduces the db by 5-9db depending on the track.

I am aware the S-10 has a 5 or 6 db reduction switch on the bottom of the unit but it seems to work better using ROON

Some will consider volume levelling a degradation to SQ but whatever minimal affects that might produce were totally offset against the improvements.

I have also applied some light DSP by uploading a REW based convolution filter into ROON and which has also been very worthwhile, so actually three tips!     

My system details on Audiogon include an in room FR curve with 1/12th smoothing.

The data was obtained with a calibrated USB mic and 60 samples in RTA with full range pink noise being played through ROON with the convolution filter and volume levelling in place.. 



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Interesting info.   Can you tell me a bit more about the REW filter you added?  Are you using the Roon Core on a Nucleus or do you have it on a PC or cell?