Ayon S-10 Mk 2 with ROON / Tips for better SQ

Just noting here two changes I made recently to the Ayon S-10 mk 2 which improved SQ significantly for me and might help others:.

1. I changed the tubes to Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi 

  The previous tubes had about 3-4,000 hours on them so were ready for a change and that probably accounts for the large uptick but still a very welcomed improvement and recommended.      

2. I tried the ROON volume levelling which reduces the db by 5-9db depending on the track.

I am aware the S-10 has a 5 or 6 db reduction switch on the bottom of the unit but it seems to work better using ROON

Some will consider volume levelling a degradation to SQ but whatever minimal affects that might produce were totally offset against the improvements.

I have also applied some light DSP by uploading a REW based convolution filter into ROON and which has also been very worthwhile, so actually three tips!     

My system details on Audiogon include an in room FR curve with 1/12th smoothing.

The data was obtained with a calibrated USB mic and 60 samples in RTA with full range pink noise being played through ROON with the convolution filter and volume levelling in place.. 



Interesting info.   Can you tell me a bit more about the REW filter you added?  Are you using the Roon Core on a Nucleus or do you have it on a PC or cell?

Hi Spatial

The filter was created in REW (free software but you need to buy a USB mic) and then uploaded it into ROON via the DSP settings.

ROON call it a Convolution file.

I have a cheaper copy of a ROON Nucleus which does exactly the same job but you can use a PC for the convolution file too.

Let me know if you need any further help. I have been deep down the rabbit hole snd it is very rewarding after an initially steep learning curve.