Ayon measurements

I was wondering if anyone could point me at a set of measurements for an Ayon amplifier, something like those that Stereophile often provides, particularly THD+N and the sine wave frequency spectrum showing harmonics. Although I feel that listening is the ultimate test, I like to use the measurements as a baseline for how well engineered a product actually is. I've looked high and low for measurements for any Ayon amp, and haven't found any yet. Thanks,
Some of the best sounding (and best built) tube amps I have heard do not measure well. Specs probably have little to do with how happy you will be with it. You have probably heard the saying "If it measures well and sounds terrible, it IS terrible. If it sounds great but measures bad, you need to find something else to measure".
Which amps?  Ayon makes both PP and SET, both types with differing output tubes.  So measurements for one amp won't correlate against another.  Google the crossfire III; there was a German review that I believe included measurements.  But please don't use those measurements if you are looking at a KT88 amp.
I don't know about measurements but I can tell you that my Ayon Tritton 3 is very quiet and has very black background. It's also very dynamic in pentode mode as well.
I'm looking at their SET amps and integrateds. The Triton III is what caught my eye, but I'd be happy to see some measurements of any of their relatively recent generation of amps. I couldn't find the German review of the Crossfire, but if you come across it, I'd appreciate it if you could send it my way. Thanks,
I have to say, there isn’t an audiophile who has listened to my Ayon Triton III and Avalon speakers who hasn’t gushed about what they experienced. It is a relatively unknown brand in the US and I expect you can either get a good new price or get a great used price. I bought a demo model and was delighted at both the price and sound. I prefer to buy previously owned, which is weird for some but I usually get a fully burned in piece of kit that way ...without the waiting.

I have seen some specs on a European site (Polish?) but I could't read it very well even after cutting and pasting the piece into google translate.