Ayon - Integrated Amps

I am interested in these amps, but am concerned about the need to bias via the back of the amp. Wondering how often Ayon owners are checking the bias, how often finding that they need to re-bias, and the hassle factor if any?

Once power tubes are fully burned in, the biasing checks are only done maybe once every two or three months, and they rarely fluctuate by + or - 3mv in most cases. The biasing is pretty simple in my opinion.
I just got a Spirit II 2 weeks ago. Biased it ater it warmed up the first day (tubes were already broken in). Made a few minor adjustments a few days later. I checked it today and it is holding just fine. I see no need to check it again for couple of months. I agree with Blackwilliard, biasing is pretty simple.
I went ahead and purchased the amp a few months back and have found biasing, as you both note above, easy and not frequently necessary.