Ayon CD2S vs ModWright XA-5400ES Ultimate Truth

Last year I bought a new Sony XA-5400ES and sent it off for the full Modwright Truth mods. I've been generally happy with it and think it does many, many things well, but I keep reading the Ayon CDP raves and am wondering if anyone has ever compared these two head-to-head. I listen to a big range of music, but am all tube and very much a lover of great midrange. I'm running a pair of the late Paul G's TAD 1000 monoblocks and a Mystere CA preamp. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/insights.
I'd talk to this guy Rhyno.
He has the XA5400 with the modwright tube mods.
He's had alot of CD players which he compared to the 5400 with the modwright tube mods.
Here's the link to his system and the posts.
I had the ModWright, liked it, but sold it and returned to EMM (CDSA w/X upgrade, then XDS1) which have a firmer grip on the lower mids and bass and a je-ne-sais-quoi wonderful natural texture in the mids.
Also, I see no reason to fuss with tubes and heat in the digital realm (I'm a tube fan in the preamp area though.)
Ditto RGS1. I like the Ayon as an all in one (CDP/DAC/tube pre) but it does seem to lose a bit of the speed when partnered with a tube preamp
Thanks for the thread link, Doug99. I'll take a look.

And didn't know of the EMM, Rgs92. I'll have to take a look.
Is the preamp tube as well?

If it's solid state, the Ayon might be a good fit.

I think the XDS1 DAC is more resolving. But the Ayon tube lushness is something to behold.

Another option to look at is the Playback MPS-5. It's very similar to the XDS1 but with the mid bass a bit more pronounced.
Yes, I have a Mystere CA11 preamp - just picked it up and still breaking in, but very happy with it so far.
Scot - Let me know if you want to sell your ModWright XA-5400ES w/Ultimate Truth mods.
I previously owned the CD2 and now have had my MW 5400 for two years; I'm enjoying music now...
Wig, like your speakers. I don't own a CD player or digital play back anything ,.yet.
I just like to mention a demonstration which involved the Sony ModWright comparing to a much more expensive digital player which I'm not sure the brand name as I type.
The demonstration was some new Symposium products, to make it short I listened to both players and liked both players ,the sony modwright was put on a symposium segue ISO platform with the symposium roller blocks , I could not believe the transformation, then compared again between the two digital players .The Sony cleaned up and I apologize for not remembering the other player however it was much , much more expensive?
I bought a couple of these symposium platforms and a roller blocks that made a difference under my preamp and power supply.
I may just have to look into those platforms, currently using maple hardwoods for my player and power supply...
It would be interesting if anyone has compared the symposium roller blocks to the stillpoints.
Hey Goose, The still points ultra 5s do work as advertised or return them for a full refund, I could start with15 please,..
The demonstration of the Symposium Segue ISO platform with roller blocks under that Sony with the tubes sticking out of the top was impressive.
With that disk inside spinning at those rpms I can easily understand why CD players would benefit so much,to a lesser extent with preamps and power supply's however it works very well even so.

After experiencing this with the CD players I wouldn't even consider evaluating a player without a Symposium platform and roller blocks.
Compared to Stillpoints products the best bang for the buck is Symposium by a good amount.
And finally I understand Symposiums history is where everyone else in this business that use precision ball bearings got their ideas for resonate control, Kudos to Symposium.
In_shore thanks for the note. Another option would be Herbie's Iso-Cups. I haven't used that particular product but it looks interesting. I agree that the Symposium products offer a good value.

With the use of maple hardwoods under my components, do you think I'll need both platforms and roller-blocks? The HD roller-blocks may fit my criteria a little better based on their size.

Hi Wig
Your model of the Sony player improved markedly and was quite the shock how well it did sound after installation of the symposium platform and roller blocks .
I'm going to try the RollerBlock Jr. HDSE under my tube amp and tube CD player.

More to follow...

I look forward to hearing your impressions.... Specifically hoping to hear that they do NOT take away any musical warmth, as most metal footers are to analytical for me. Clarity and detail is not the end game for all.

I've had the RollerBlock Jr. HDSE in my system for a few days and I can't believe what I'm hearing; detail w/o harshness, better separation, better mid-bass, longer decay, immediate/quicker flow of sound, wider/deeper soundstage and man, imaging is MUCH better and just floats between your speakers and is sharper...

They definitely work and are keepers!