ayon cd1 colour problems

Hi to anyone.
I have a cd1 player that started to change the colour on the front panel.
Has anyone had the same experience on Ayon gear.
Any answer would be apritiated.
Regards Alex
But it is only on the frontplate, the sides and corners are ok.
I suspect the front plate had a bad anodizing proces!?
the player is painted!, I use to own a new ayon player, scratched the player on the bottom, I was supprissed at how easy the accident took the finish off!
I do know the remote chips very easily if it touches anything. As for the faceplate, I would check mine to compare but it's been sitting at the dealer for repairs for the past 7 weeks.
@ Stl14_nj, Well, I will not elaborate on ayon digital other than thats the reason I do not have one no more, less than 90 days it was in the shop, I do not own ayon period!
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