Ayon CD1 and CD3

Anyone out there know anything aout these CD Players?
I am curious too..... They sound interesting on paper and look way cool!

From the German magazine "Stereo":
I heard the Ayon CD-1 in a dealer showroom, and compared with the Ayre CX-7e. The Ayre is very nice and has better base extension, tighter imaging, and a fuller plate of tonal colors, but to my ears the Ayon is the better sounding of the two with more involving PRAT akin to single ended amplification, liquid midrange, and overall a sweeter overtone. Subtle details and gradual degradation of musical notes are better portraited through the Ayon, which coupled with its more 3 dimensional imaging makes music more lively. YMMV.
I recently purchased the Ayon cd-1 and even before it is broken in it compares very favorably with the ones that graced our showrooms in the past. Among those that I can compare it to are the Acoustic Arts cd player, the Acoustic Arts Dac and Transport, the Lector Cdp-7, and the EMM LABS CDSAC SE player. I think the Ayon CD-1 sounds most like the EMM Labs player. Before the CD-1 came along the
EMM Labs player was the finest that I had heard, but that has now changed. I also purchased the Ayon Audio 300B integrated which has replaced the Supratek Malbecs and the Supratek Cortese modified by Kevin Covi with the newest Grange phono stage. The 300B is better and not by a little. One man's opinion, I loved the Supratek but I don't miss it!!