Ayon CD transport problems

I have an AYON CD-2S, purchased new 3 years ago. About 6 months out of the 1 year warranty, the transport started to exhibit occasional reading problems.

A CD would be inserted, play for a short or longer while and then play would stop with the display reading LOAD!
This persisted on and off on a rather random basis until yesterday when it happened repeatedly. I turned off the player, let it sit for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to play 3 discs at which point the player would read the disc, start playing, stop, display read load, would read the disc, then the display would read LOAD.......etc. Same issues today.

Contacted AYON USA to find they wanted close to $1000 plus approx. $300 shipping to replace the Phillips transport! When I commented that I had every CD player I had ever bought in the last 30 years and that they all still worked and that I had never had a transport fail............I was told it was bad luck!

Having spent what I consider to be a huge amount of money to purchase the player originally, I feel as if I would be spending good money after bad to get who knows how much or little time out of my player with another transport.

Has anyone else had this type of failure from an AYON or any top loading CD player with a Phillips transport?

In general, replacing a transport is not brain surgery.  Perhaps a good non-factory tech could handle it for you?  Also, have you tried cleaning the lens?  Or perhaps only the laser needs replacement and not the transport.  I would look around.  Or just buy another transport from another company and use the Ayon as a DAC.  No sense throwing it away if you like the sound. Good luck
I started a year and a half ago by cleaning the lens whenever the player randomly stopped and it seemed to help. I have a transport I can use with the DAC in the AYON. 

My question is whether other people have experienced similar failures either with an AYON CD player or another player with the top loading Phillips transport.

I'm trying to determine if this is a common occurrence with these Players/transports. Thanks
Hello Nedman,
I purchased a CD2 a few years ago and I have exactly the same problem!!!
It's just outrageous, such an expensive piece of equipment!!
I live in Europe and the technical guy at Ayon has told me the same, it's bad luck! I just can't believe it and have no words to say how frustrated I am.
Until now I haven't had the budget to repair it.
Tell me if you found a solution please.
And by the way, I didn't mention that I had to change the batteries in remote control on average every 3 months....

:-))) I know it might sound like a petty thing but, come on Ayon technical people, you could easily have done it better, it's not rocket science after all...

I'm having the same problem with my cd 07 which is about 5 years old.The other thing that was strange with this player was that it always had problems reading certain cds on the ECM label.The cd 07 would play these discs but would make a mechanical noise.I had sent the player out to an authorized repair shop the first year I owned it  and was told that there was nothing wrong with the player that it must be the ECM cds .Since they couldn't find anything wrong with the player I got stuck with the shipping charges.
I find it remarkable how much "bad luck" befalls Ayon products. Why not Ayre, Accuphase, Vac? 
Hi Sal,
Sorry to hear that you are having similar issues with your Ayon CD-2. I ended up having mine repaired by the Ayon's US importer. When I complained loudly enough they offered to repair it for half price which is still huge money but I felt for what I had invested, having bought it new, I couldn't afford not to fix it. 
Additionally shipping was about $350 for Fedex which Ayon insists on. 
In the end, I am happy in that the player functions better than it did new. A relay was replaced in addition to the transport and the machine is mechanically quieter as a result.
Hopefully, this won't happen again. 

Thank you Ned for the response.

So, you had to change the transport and one relay? God...

Well done then so for having half of the cost paid by Ayon!

I will probably have it repaired as well and I hope that it's not the transport that has to be changed...:-(((

Thanks anyway and I will keep you updated.

PS: To Ayon people, if anyone (caring about quality of products) is reading this, you really need to sort this out!!

I too have had this issue with my CD2s. Originally, I purchased a CD2 and within 6mo. I had issues with the Phillips drive. My dealer contacted USA Tube Audio and they exchanged the unit and upgraded it to a CD2s. 9 months late same issue. Exchanged to another CD2s. Again, another year or so later SAME issue! Now, I`m out of warranty. My dealer suggested I contact USA Tube audio directly.

Long story short, they took good care of me. I had to pay for the out going  shipping, nothing else. In fact, after the work was complete and was fully tested they return shipped overnight express! It`s been about 2 to 3 years NO Issues.

It’s a shame that such an expensive unit does not last long.

My problem with my Ayon transport which is fairly new is on certain cds the cd starts playing  a fraction of a second after the first note has started.

I talked with USA Tube Audio and Ayon in Austria and they both said they had never heard of such a thing.

Has anybody ever had this problem or am I the only person in the history of cd players to have such a thing happen?

This has never happened with any other cd player I've had and they play perfectly in my car.

Now hearing about the short life of the transport I feel as if I've made an expensive mistake.

God knows I don't want to send this thing back to Austria.

I'm having it fixed at Ayon, they're changing the "servo board" 95€, the "switch open/close" 18€, "CD mechanism (?) 67€, labor cost 2.5 hours 190€, + shipment cost equals to a total of 600€!!!

I've screamed a bit and they told me they gave a price reduction...

Only 6 months warranty .

I guess it could have been worse but it's outrageous I think...

Will probably try to sell if I can as I've got no trust anymore after everything you can read above...


Doesn't sound like they care at all.

Not good.

So the question is why do people still buy Ayon? Sorry Sal but posting your issue with your player will now make it that much harder to sell. I'm sure you would have disclosed your issue but resale value just took a nose dive IMO 

Vast majority of these so called dead transport cases can be solved with proper lens cleaning or other easy fixes. Laser assembly actually very rarely needs to be changed.

A bit of useful and easy reading about so called laser failures:


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I really don't think that this is the point here...

I agree this is a serious mechanism problem and not lens cleaning.
My gut feeling is that it may be an issue related to the amount of heat generated by the 4-6H30 tubes. The player gets very hot when it is used. The Phillips transport is supposed to be one of the best and is used by many other manufacturers.

I have put a whisper fan on my player to try to draw away heat more quickly.

As to the soft audio start on some discs, my player does that as well. If you hit reverse on the remote, it will in fact give you the whole beginning without missing a beat.

I have no idea why this is the case but my Astell&Kern AK120 does exactly the same thing with FLAC files!
Obviously someone in design thinks this is a good idea.
Thanks! for sharing- guys.
It is imperative to share both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies, especially, service/repairs.

Dealers/retailers fall into this topic as well.  Happy Listening!
To answer an earlier question as to why buy Ayon...my CD 2S, although problematic, sounds incredibly musical. That's why I opted to have it fixed.

Glad I did. Enjoy the music!
Let's keep last Ned's message as a conclusion to this subject!!!

Agree with Nedman52. While problematic, the CD2S is incredibly musical, although my analog front end betters it by far. Originally I thought I was the only misfortunate one having trouble with the Phillips drive. My dealer, whom I trust implicitly, said he sold many CD2S`s as well as CD5`s, and no one else had an issue. I thought, maybe I`m doing something incorrectly? In a strange way, I now feel validated after seeing others had problems, though I don`t wish trouble on others. Done rambling for now.

Happy listening.

Going to spin some vinyl! Yeah!

My brother has the CD-2s and I own two CD-1. My brother had to get his player fixed because it wasn't reading the CDs and now I have the same problem. I hardly used the one that doesn't work now so I'm not so sure if it's because of the heat coming from the tubes.

Mine is still cutting off the beginning of the first note occasionally.

Agreed Ayon is a very good sounding player and I'm happy with it musically but this shouldn't be happening. I spent a lot of money for the transport and Sigma DAC.

Also the occasional lemon excuse does not hold water. These are too expensive and not mass produced for there to be lemons.

If there are problems the company should be doing cartwheels and backflips to help people who bought from accredited dealers.

The oh I hope these people just go away and disappear official policy of customer service is extremely unprofessional.

Actually, I am thinking it is because it is not mass produced that the Ayon is problematic. 

I know this is redundant to say, but for the cost of the unit you all should have been receiving excellent customer service at a steeply discounted price.  They know there is a problem with their design and apparently have not been able to adress it.
Hello, i have Ayon CD2s but i don't know how to make DAC working. Can your guys help me.

Thank you

You have a choice of inputs for the DAC on the back of the CD2-S. You can use Toslink, Single ended or USB cables depending on your source. You then can scroll through the various input options using the far right red button on the top control panel or use the input selector on the remote.

I use the tousling (optical) input to use my AK120 for playback.

Should work fine for you.

Toslink......sorry didn't proofread auto-correct!
Hi guys, I've been using an Ayon CD-1s for 7-8 years, and here's a simple fix for the transport issue. You will need a technician to open up the player to fix it.

It has to do with the tiny "button' in the inner lip of the transport tray - between the button and the micro switch is the axle, and there's a small piece of black rubber glued to the axle end before the micro switch. This piece of rubber tends to shrink with age/heat, it gets softer, and won't exert the necessary pressure on the micro switch.

According to a message Ayon sent me, "therefore sometimes the axel can’t press down the micro-switch fully, actually you need only reduce the brass-distance holder from originally 10mm to 9mm ( use a simple grinder bench), and then the axel shaft comes up 1 mm more... or replace the rubber by a similar piece. You do not need any spare parts."

I've had the issue twice and my technician friend read the email and sorted it out. Should anyone here need more info, you can email me at [email protected] and I will forward you what Ayon told me.


I have e Cds-1.  The same problem started with my unit about 6 months ago. CD would just stop.  Sometimes reload other times just make this ridiculous noise.  

‘I fixed it with a tiny piece of adhesive felt.  I cut the felt down to the tiny size if the small button that descends once you put the glass plate on.  Use tweezer for exact placement and delicately stuck the adhesive side to the top on the button.  The felt touches the glass plate when it is put in place.  The felt adds the addition pressure needed to the the button when it goes down into the unit.  

CD player is back to being the phenomenal machine I purchased.

Can’t seem to insert a picture for you.  I used the a small adhesive felt use to provide scratching from the bottom of a coaster or ceramic jar.  

Good luck.  Enjoy your system again.
I owned an Ayon CD5s bought new for 8 years and replaced it about a year ago with a new Ayon CD35. The reason - they sound incredible! In terms of USA Tube service they have always been fine to deal with for me. Examples: 1. Very early with the CD5s there was an intermittent problem, I sent it to them for repair, it came back to me and same problem showed. When I told them this they sent me a brand new unit Fed EX Air arriving in 2 days (While I still had the original one, and me not having requested a new unit) saying it was Ayon's policy that if they attempted to repair once and were not successful, they send a new unit immediately. New unit then worked flawlessly for 8 years. 2. USA has repeatedly sent me excellent tubes and quickly, for free, replaced them for any issue, again before they even got the questionable tubes back to assess. The sales person, Paul has been my contact there and he has always given un-hyped advice, quick call backs and works hard to have you happy. They were even happy to help me sell my CD5s, doing work for free to make sure it was ready for sale. So yes, pay attention to people's feedback here, but with thousands of units sold know that there may be few unfortunate happenings.

I have had my Ayon CD-2s for over 7 years. No issues, just incredible sound, the best.
Why so much whinning! Crazy Post - Some folks just can't be happy at all.

My CD5s while musical has had a few operational problems too.  The remote however stout had poorly angled battery contacts and I broke the spring contact bending it up.  I have soldered it back but it kept breaking off with the frequent battery changes so alas I just don't use it anymore.  More exercise for me - no big deal. More importantly I had some sort of tracking problem where the disc would either not read and initiate play or if initiated would play briefly, sometimes only a note, and then stop.  Thinking the drive was worn out ( I bought the unit used here on Agon) I replaced the CDPro 2 drive which proved pretty easy to do even for me but only to have the same behavior continue.  Worse now I simply get a "No Disc" error and as such have reinserted my old cd player and run it through the DAC on the CD5s.  The felt on the little button under the cookie cover trick suggested above will be my next attempt to get this otherwise fine machine back to spinning.  If the button trick doesn't work are there any other home remedies I should consider?