Ayon Cd Player to IPOD

Has anyone connected an Ayon Cd player to an Ipod. I have a CD2-S and used the USB port in the back of the player. I connected that and the ipod usb ends to a female usb and it is not working. I know the ipod is fine and the Ayon worked fine with a direct connection via the usb to my computer. I wonder if my connections are not right. thanks
I don't think there's any way to make that work. The iPod uses iTunes as its control interface for managing the import of music. I don't know anything about the Ayon player but unless it also contains a computer that can run iTunes it wouldn't have any way to know the iPod is connected and the iPod won't see the Ayon unless it's running iTunes.
It will not work like this becaue the iPod is not sending the digital signal thru the USB as-is. You either need the iPod transport, such as Wadia 170i/171i (better wait for the 171i). I am in fact considering buying the Ayon CD-7 instead of CD2-S because CD-7 now could extract digital signal from iPod (not sure about iPhone nor iPodTouch). Hope this helps.
I too am considering the CD-7 because of the iPOD dock. What sound quality would one be giving up if one chooses the CD-7 instead of the CD-2s or a used CD-2?
I am also interested in Ayon cd-7 or cd-2s. Based on a specs the cd-2s has a better DAC and native 24/96 usb. But how in reality it differs to the better? Is that much better than cd-7, different league, or 5%-10%. Any opinion is appreciated.
Help us out guys!

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the sonic differences between the CD-07 and its more expensive relatives?

Thanks in advance.
Can you use a pure 1-20 or wadia dock in between the two? Will that work?
I have received my Pure i-20 ($100-pure.com) and I love it. It takes raw digital out of the ipod which can be connected to a Dac through optical or Coax (rca). The interface works well, it is simple, and of course it charges the ipod and connects to your tv.