Ayon CD-07 CD superior in sound to competition?

The Ayon CD-07 CD player is the basic model from this manufacturer. It retails for $3850.00.

My question: is this model superior in sound to other brands similarly priced or lower For example, Rega's new Saturn-R ($2995) Esoteric 05($3500) Ayre CX7emp2 ($3500) Cambridge Audio's 851C $1995.00, or a comparatively priced Krell or ARC. I do not have access to an Ayon dealer to audition the CD-07.

I have heard the 851C, and the Ayre CX-7mp2. The Ayre though a bit warm sounding is an excellent player. Need to know if the Ayon will offer superior sound quality of all the players mentioned. The next CD player purchase will be my last.
Cable Company is an Ayon dealer. They may have a demo unit to send you so you can try it first.

As far as what CD player is the best from your list above, I can't say. It will come down to personal preference more than anything. I really like Ayre products so I would probably take the CX-7 for myself. Also, Ayre is built extremely well, so if this is your last player, that's something to consider. No only that, Ayre upgrades their products on a regular basis. No need to keep trading it in for new models.
Don't rule out Modwright Sony or Oppo tube CD players; have one and haven't looked back...
I'd wait and try and hear the new AMR CP-777 SE I'm told this special edition unit is even better sounding than their big brother the CP-77. I've ordered one unheard that's how much I believe in what it will do.

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