Ayon "Best of Show 6 years etc" When is enough ENOUGH?

Ok, there are something like 50 Ayon ads up, and so many with those "Best of show" mentions.

Which awards? Which shows?

I understand Audiogon has to live off revenues, but isn't this getting to a point where it could be considered pollution?
Ayonogon might not approve of this post.
Eight. Eight is Enough.
Sorry...I couldn't resist.

As brick and mortar shops continue to disappear, I have a feeling the vendor listings here will only increase. I appreciate the hard sell listing titles, since they make it easier to spot and pass over vendor ads if you're looking for a true market pricing on used equipment.
Silnote Awarded Most Wanted Component of The Year!

Silnote Receives Component of The Year Award

Another one!

"Silnote Awarded Most Wanted Component of the Year"

Hmm...I can't rid of my Silnote speaker cables.
Who and where are these people that want Silnote?
None have responded to my ad!

Its all about the money ill never buy this stuff as its being pushed BIG TIME!!
Yes I agree 110%. Ayon please stop it! 
Is this a pet peeve thread? if so, jaw dropping...and yes, the booby prize is still an award.Maybe the most awarded.
I love you guys, keeping it real. Silnote and Ayon?  Their stuff is "unobtainium" for working stiffs like me.  Who buys their gear... rock stars?  
I was going to say something about Ayon myself but I hate those.."why are so many of brand x for sale" but dear lord between dealers selling new and demo items and a few used pieces enough is indeed enough. Makes one wonder how good this stuff really is anyway.
It's 2016 - It should read 7 years in a row & next year will be 8.
Wish they would have stopped @ 5.

Never confuse Silnote with Siltech!!!
Add Accustic Arts and AVM to the list as well.  Aggressive campaign to sell show demos and new gear.  

Funny thing is when I called the dealer to inquire about Accustic Arts amps, he tried to sell me Mark Levinson new amps...go figure.  

Oops, forgot to ad Morrow Audio to the list.  22 listings....or is it 23 with this thread....LOL!!!

The Ayon Audio listings are made by USA Tube Audio. Rather than post here you should send them a message that you find their frequent postings annoying or that listing one or two items a day would be less annoying. They might listen to you. 

Remember we want to try and keep bricks and mortar dealers open though.

Don’t forget HighEnd Electronics, HigherFi  and the MIT cable dealer.
There have been other threads on this same subject.  The best at show designation is consistently misrepresented as applying to all models.  I too am put off by this tactic as it likely is indicative of other less than scrupulous behaviors. @whitestix much of their gear is at a similar price point to what is regularly discussed and listed on this site?  

 Like Dayglo, I am confused over criticism of Silnote. I have been very pleased at the price and quality of their interconnects. They are part of a growing band of one man and his dog outlets that seem to be giving value for money. Morrow and Wywires also come to mind.

 I used an ex dem Ayon Spark for a few years and thought it pretty good at the ex dem price.

As a Arizona resident, I can tell you the "best of show" Audiogon seller is almost a brick and mortar store.  They are 90% "by appointment only".  I have attempted to drop by their store several times and they appear to be "at the warehouse".  So be it.  If you call in advance they will be there. I have purchased several items from them and have had no issues with the products.   They should drop the Best of Show BS and just promote their wares.  Agree with Soniqmike: Which awards?  Which shows?

Don't get the annoyance with the number of ads and/or content,  to each his own, but in the end who cares it's USA Tubes' money and if they want to advertise however that is its business. Have had an Ayon Spirit 2 for a number of years and to my ears it is a pleasant sounding well made amp. Best in Class, I don't know, but not sure the claimn is worth getting worked up about. 

As far as Silnote goes, best IC and digital cables I've had in my system; but again that's just my ears. 
Yep, what does it matter...it's not important. Buy yourself an album & relax.
I asked that question along time ago. What award what show? I got tricked into that one about three years ago.  4 grand tricked. Lol
My post is not intended to shed negative light on the brand. I actually OWNED an Ayon Orion with no issues except for replacing 2 remotes at $ 140.00 a pop.. It was a good-sounding amp and probably worth the money. This site for me is first and foremost about have fun, and getting some good insight on the buying and selling of audio gear.

Suggesting that I call the importer - distributor is futile. I was never even given an answer to my suspicions that Ayon is assembled in China (spurred by my cheaply-built and expensive remotes).

Still, I am allergic to BS of any kind. And my voicing it here is no more harmfull than a comment in the "letters" section of a printed audio rag.

And Audiogon is to be credited to allow us to voice our concerns.
Yes Audiogon allows us to voice our opinions etc...but Audiogon is allowing these advertisements so if it felt that strongly that the ads harboured any BS I would presume they would be removed. 

I suspect the suggestion to contact the importer was a joke...a bit like this thread.
I'm sure its all about the money so some things can be overlooked whether it is true or not lol.   
It is totall BS, also I spent  $20k  there for a spirit 3 , and Skyla  dac 
With Synergistic cables. The Dactual broke x month later these scum bags 
Would not even pay to have a BB dac chip. Thd service center located it and was 
Fixed no thanks to Tube USA. Paul is just a thief they get  your sale. 
Just hope it foes not break do a search online. 
English language:  GOODBYE!!
...well, while I do have issues with USA Tube (misrepresents competing vendor gear & did not stand behind two of his uber expensive fizzed Ayon KT88s) ...The Ayon gear I bought (CD-07 & Ayon KT88-based Ayon Triton III) is remarkably well made and it sounds it too. On both sales, I eventually got the product for a good discount. ...The price to pay was after the sale when 2 tubes fizzed within 2 months, but all seems well now and my audiophile friends are digging it too.
Regardless of what the audio manufacturers would like you to think, these are desperate times. The high-end audio world is shrinking. Once it was designed to bring new customers into the fold creating new business opportunities. Now it is a matter of taking business away from one business and driving it to another. These days the bulk of your high-end audio buyers are 40+ years old. The well is drying up.
That's what they see today, but there are real signs of life in the high end market also. As an early adopter of the Pono player, I am also active on those forums. Since that community first got started, I can't tell you how often members who have "tasted" high-resolution music via the Pono engage in discussion over how to take their initial headphone high resolution experience and turn it into a righteous room-filling musical experience.

Those little high res players (how many brands are there now? Plenty!) are the proverbial "gateway drug" into good sounding two and multi-channel systems. That trickle will turn into a stream when the current crop of iPhones, iPods and similar Android phones shift into high resolution mode — don't kid yourself, it's coming and the manufactures will cater to it because it means more sales.

What our community sees today is really interesting in multiple dimensions. First, the Internet undermined break-and-mortar sales. But it also unleashed a number of Internet-only audio companies that sell higher quality product for the same price as the marked-up brick-and-mortar stores ...because they can! ...And that's good for the consumer. Secondly, music reproduction took a major detour with the advent of portable music players ...remember the Walkman? The iPod/iPhone/Android phones are Walkman-on-steroids. Instant gratification. Then the streaming services, which went from low resolution to now having some high resolution choices as well.

There are a lot of changes afoot, and with this many people listening to music on the go, I think we can expect to see a real revival in high end audio as well. What am I saying? There IS a revival well underway: Vinyl. Vinyl! For god sake we are buying more vinyl these days and it is absolutely growing. Reel-to-reel is back too. 
While the ads are amusing I'm glad that USA Tube Audio continues to support this site.  My experience with them has been fine too and I have found them to be very friendly and helpful.  Regarding the Ayon equipment, I have two Ayon based systems:  (1) Triton 1 with S-5 media player, and (2) a Spirit 3 anchored system.  I have had no issues with any of their products.  My best friend has had a Spirit 1 based system for several years and has not problems either.
@reynolds853 After listening to the Ayon Triton (with Avalon Acoustics speakers) since Jan of this year, I can say it is simply outstanding. In fact, it completely changed my view of high end gear. I have the same opinion of the Ayon CD07. Both are exceptionally well conceived and built. By example, the Triton weighs over 120 lbs and cranks around 100 watts in pentode mode, and around 80 watts in pure triode mode.

Yes, I look at other gear all the time ...but why?

must be working.  if no one ever buys them then im guessing that the ads would disappear.
"There IS a revival well underway: Vinyl. Vinyl!"
From what I can tell the "revival" is comprised of two main demographics: Baby boomers who have a sentimental attachment to records, and Millennials who have an attachment to records because they are "cool" and "retro". Eventually the Millennial set will lose interest and move on, (as they do with most of their fads) and the Boomers will be left carrying the torch, for however long. Have you seen Stereophile lately? Every month it's five feature articles about how big records are again, written by guys who have been collecting records for 40 or 50 years. Aside from the fact that I don't understand why anyone in 2016 would sign on to cleaning records, I don't begrudge them their analog enjoyment; my point is that the explosion of Vinyl has been greatly exaggerated, for marketing reasons.

Glad you are continuing to enjoy your gear.  I certainly continue to enjoy my Triton and S-5.  Additionally, last week I got a Spirit 3 (Gen 4) for my home office system and it's impressing me as being a nice amp too.  Based on my experience with KT120 tubes in my previous Rogue system I have been pleasantly surprised at how nice the KT150 tubes in this new Spirit sound.  I think it's a much better tube and Ayon has obviously done a very good job implementing it.


 It looks you like you have backthoughts hopping for save the plannet, stop the war, ending the poverty, the starvation etc.
 Swallow this as we have excessively done with everything about marketing. There is no limit  ethical or credibility of claims when about profit. Deception Decadance. That's Broadway!
 Welcome to our world.