Ayon Audio Spirit integrated amp

Has anyone heard the Ayon Audio Spirit integrated amp? Thank You.
I have owned the Ayon Spirit now for 4 months. It is a fantastic integrated amplifier. The sound is very three dimensional, holographic, excellent bass, fluid mids, sweet highs.

You can also change the tubes from the KT-88 to the KT-90 tubes. The sound is as good in my opinion to the Shindo which my friend owns. Sounds Crazy!! Well you have to hear it for yourself. The reviews have given it a 5 star rating. The build is also excellent and it has a 3 year warranty.

The Spirit seems particularly enamoured with vocalists, strings, horns, piano, fast & smooth. the Spirit is splendid in either Triode or Pentode mode, it seems to bring out the subtlest qualities.

The Doors, Humble Pie and ACDC sounds fantastic too. Tight bass, very dynamic & it is fast.

I love it and it is not priced in the statosphere.....
I haven't heard the Spirit, but I own the Ayon Audio 300B and it sounds terrific right out of the box. If the Spirit is anything like the 300B it has to be a winner!! Also on a side note the Ayon Audio CD-1 is a superb cd player, as good as the EMM Labs player that I owned.
Aren't you an Ayon dealer Ballhog (Curtis HiFi)?

Thanks in advance.

Or post recommendation.

Whichever you prefer.
No sir I am not. I just happen to own two of their pieces and am quite impressed with them. Sharing experiences with equipment is what this forum is all about if I am not mistaken. Also I have been out of the business for eight months and counting and never even heard of Ayon until about 2 weeks ago.I hope I have satisfied your curiosity.By the way, aren't you a dealer of products competing with Ayon at this time?
Any other folks heard this integrated since the last post?
I wonder if Audiofeil has bought one...lol?
Unbelievable integrated amp in Triode or Pentode mode. Driving QUAD ESL 989's (not an easy task). AYON Spirit has plenty of power to drive the ESL's in either mode - but dimensionality, focus, imaging, depth, and precision are sublime in Pentode mode. May be due to the power and ability to control the larger diaphragms on the ESL 989's.

The support and guidance from Paul at USA Tube Audio is first rate and first class. Maybe the last Amp I buy..seriously !

The Amp is built like a tank and dead silent. There is no comparison between this and any Far Eastern pretenders to the high end throne. Well paid EU guild craftsman trump any of the newly trained farm hands of the East. I have tried many of the so called "bargain" eastern Amps and other components - hype, marketing, and clever copying of recycled 40 year old designs cannot compete with the creativity, design excellence, and craftsmanship of AYON. Kudos to the AYON team and USA Tube Audio - well done !!!!
I'm curious if anyone can comment on this amp's capabilities versus the Audio Space Reference 3.1 (KT-88 version). Both have received enormous praise in the audio press and are comparable in price.
audio space is also very good parts quality though especially in the spirit3 is a step up Now using only custom Lundahl transformers, Mundof capacitors Gold plater Copper PCBs even bigger transformers ,and power supplys
and looks fantastic .I wonder where audio space is built ?