Ayon, are there too many ads out there?

I just checked the ads for Ayon. About 50 of them, all with those ''best of show'' mentions. Too much hype is like not enough I guess. What do you think?

Years ago it was all those DK Design ads (now LSA)that were all over the 'Gon, but never as over-exposed as Ayon.
The Buggati of audio. ( so they say)
The Dealer you mentioned uses what is known as "creative license" in large doses. The term "best of show" in his belief system is a portable term. I mean one product wins best of show one year, then magically every product is "Best of show", lol! Speaking of portable terms, Ayon is 100% made in China...Koowloon, Hong Kong to be precise. You may notice they stamp "Austria" or "Ayon - Austria" on the back of their components. That is because they can't legally say "Product of Austria" or "Made in Austria". Their products may be designed in Austria, but it is all built in their factory in China with cheap Taiwanese boards.
They must be doing something right or have some serious financial backing. The kind of advertising they are doing on a regular basis is not cheap.
I find it annoying, so not good marketing at all. They take up half the tube integrated "supply."
So the so called Bugatti of the audio world uses cheap Chinese boards. That's par for the course.
Yeah too many ads but you know who they are (like it or not) so I would say their ads are working. But because there are so many it does annoy me too.
Ayon is 100% made in China...Koowloon, Hong Kong

Do you have further information on the address or company that is making Ayon in Hong Kong? I live in Hong Kong and may just go check it out.

Years ago, when I looked at the Ayon for the first time, I found its look very similar to a brand made in the Chinese mainland, so I always thought they were made there instead of Hong Kong
@Kong, this is all public information. You only need do a quick Google search. This link shows Ayon Audio's address in Hong Kong. Incidentally, the consignee mentioned on that webpage (Harwil Group) are USA Tube Audio.

Re; the similar looking products you saw in China, you might be thinking of Raysonic who make the cases for Ayon. They make their own players as well. With that said, I would assume Ayon sell factory direct in China as they don't have a Distributor posted on their website.

I should point out I think Ayon make a couple of nice products. I enjoyed my time with my old Ayon CD-5s. And my Dealer has big wraps on the Ayon Stratos. I simply believe it is misleading to tell punters a product is made in Austria when even their own labeling proves it isn't. And obviously I find said Distributor's claims on this site optimistic at best.
Too many ads buy something else ASAP!!
Ayon products are made in China...???
Yes they are made in China like a lot of audio equipment nowadays. I can name a few Ayon, Hegel, REL and many more.
The best? Better hurry up and buy!
All that inventory is taking up too much space.
I hope, Rowland, Gryphon, Pass, Lamm etc. have nothing to do with Chinese manufacturing. I don't mean that Chinese can't possibly understand this level of quality, I simply have no way to find out in advance or even maybe later too.
On the other hand, some people here have Allnick that is made in South Korea, as I understand, and seem to really enjoy them. And some of those people appear to be able to buy just about anything.
At $4.00 per ad instead of thousands for a magazine ad (Stereophile, Absolute Sound) they have been flooding Audiogon and saving a ton of $$
I think you need to separate Ayon - the manufacturer, from AyonUSA - the US distributor located in Arizona, from USAtubes - the retailer, also located (surprise, surprise) next door to AyonUSA. The retailer is running these ads, hyping the product.

The problem is, Ayon amps and CD players are getting really good reviews in Europe, so the product may very well warrant the hype. The US distributor / retailer appears to be shady, with a few documented problems, so they may be doing more harm than good. So eah, I'm willing to give the product some slack, but I don't trust the retail channel.
Agreed with Rsrex. I have the Ayon Tritton 3 integrated. The amp is very heavy and welt built. It sounds great and the quietest tube amp I ever had.
@Thuhaile, I'm glad your enjoying your Ayon amp. And yes on the surface
they appear well built. However a high end audio engineer I know with over
25 years experience told me he was not impressed with Ayon amps. He
said they are way too complicated, have way too much internal wire, poor
wiring topology, are unreliable & use propriatory software which once
broke, has in the past been no longer supported by the manufacturer due
to staff turnover,
meaning alternative parts or repair options have had to be used.
Personally, I wouldn't touch these or any other Chinese amps for that
Haven't seen one ad. Get AdBlocker. It's free and no ads.
Unfortunately AdBlocker will not block the seemingly endless number of ads on Audiogon from USA Tube Audio for all of the lines they sell. They are purchased product listings, not separate ads which AdBlocker could block.
Melbguy1, have you owned or actually listened to any Ayon equipment? I have had a Spirit 2 for 5 years, no problems and an enjoyable listen.
Facten, I have owned an Ayon CD-5s for 2 years, opened it up & had my player re-tubed and modded. I have seen Ayon amps on the work bench being repaired. And I was, as I said, given an honest opinion about their amps by a high end audio engineer with over 25 years experience. I might add, I have had more than one A'gon member over the last few years report repeated issues with their amps. Ayon's top model cdp's are their best work. Their amps are kind of dumb when you compare them to well designed tube amps like Audionote or Vac. I'm glad your amp hasn't given you any issues. From what i've heard you can get 9 amps that work fine, and number 10 has repeated problems. If you don't make amps overly complicated, don't use in-house designed software which only one guy knows anything about (who then leaves the company), don't use cheap Chinese boards & don't out-source your labor to China because it's cheaper, you don't get these issues.
Too each his own, but given your critcal view of Ayon suprised you bought one of the CDs versus something else.
Bill K - where in Audiogon are you seeing those USA Tube Audio ads? I got AdBlocker a few weeks back and all the annoying pop up ads have ceased. Curious about the different experience we seem to be having.
They're not pop-up ads, rather an over abundance of product listings for all of their lines which dominate in every category. I suppose that is their intent. https://app.audiogon.com/stores/ch1
Melbguy1, never had any issue with my Ayon Tritton 3
11-02-15: Facten
Too each his own, but given your critcal view of Ayon suprised you bought one of the CDs versus something else.
I did say that their cd players (up to the CD-5s anyway) were their best work. Like I said, if you are happy with your amp & it isn't giving you any issues, enjoy!

11-03-15: Thuhaile
Melbguy1, never had any issue with my Ayon Tritton 3
Pleased to hear, and hope it stays that way. I wish some of the audiophiles who contacted me in my Ayon days were as fortunate, and the many owners of amps that went in for repair to my AE. For most folks, if the thing works and sounds good, they won't care if it is made in China or if an old fart like me posts a comment which flies in the face of their own experience...until their experience is different.
@soniqmike. I had a bad experience with the product and customer service. CD player Ayon cd2s was always bright sounding no matter how I tube rolled. Letters came off my remote. Was not taken serious when I asked for a new one. There is better at the price point. I see award winning and best in show 1000 times. What award and what show? Lol
Melbguy1, what modifications does your AE recommend for Ayon amps; and what are their effect?
Facten, I can't say i've asked him about modding Ayon's amps. He mostly had Ayon gear in for repair. I just had him mod & re-tube my CD-5s.
Contact information available for him?
Facten, I'm not in the habit of publically naming an audio engineer who
gave a negative appraisal of Ayon amplifiers for obvious reasons. Drop me
a pm & I'll fill you in.
Sounds like Vincent. German marketing company selling Chinese made gear for big $$$.
I tried everything on my Ayon cd2s I tried to get rid of the brightness in the highs. I tried different amps, cables, interconnects, tubes, I even know a guy who likes a little treble tilted audio and he couldn't calm it down after modding it. It's heavy and looks beautiful but I couldn't go there again. Ie heard a lot better cheaper.
The Ayon CD-5s is quite a bit better than the 2s & was ripe for further mods/tube-rolling. I don't think they've bettered that player since.
This site should be renamed Ayon gon...all these freaking ayon ads,geeeez enough please
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Probably but I just ignore them.
It's funny that many of us have the same negative reaction to the volume of ads and especially the misapplied "best in show" attribution to many of their products.  This brand is interesting, but the marketing tells me to stay far away.  I am not a marketing expert per se, but do work with a lot of marketing folks, this is not generally the goal,  
I’m naturally suspicious of expensive foreign gear made in China that I can't see and hear in person. NEver heard or seen the stuff though. Could be the cat’s meow.
I too noticed an abundance of Ayon ads lately. I honestly never seen one in person or heard one. Basically know nothing about them. One thing that peaked my interest in this thread is the term "Tritton". I have GoldenEar Triton (one "t") speakers. I never heard the term "triton" (one or two t's) used prior to my purchasing these speakers. The speakers are made in China (and there is no negative issue with them). Is triton something unique to China? :)
Its not only all the ads..on and on and on...but Ayon does one thing that keeps me from buying their product,they change or upgrade models way too often.In  6 months or less   this new Scorpio model will be the Scorpio II...and we all know what happens to what you own,it dumps on the secondary market,thanks but no thanks
Yup tired of best of show award winning.  What show what award. How many years in a row. I fell for it 5 years ago. Got a bright sounding player that I could never tame the highs on.