Ayon, AMR, Karan, and Plinius Combos

I am still in my less boxes and less cables mode (and loving it); now, I want to have a CDP with a USB input so I can jettison the USB/SPDIF converter and digiital cable. And, I could really use some input from you guys for my next step...

Right now, I have the Karan I-180 and the Ayon CD-2 with NOS 6H30DR's. It is a seductive combo, but I am in want of more tube life infusion. Otherwise, pace, imaging, extension, detail and staging are fantastic....I guess it's the elusive that eludes me; the transportation and wonderment, the head bobbing, toe tapping escapism.

FWIW, In the past a Pliniius SA-201 and an AES DJH PH-3 with NOS Sylvania 6SN7w's were my favorite combo.

The 3 combo's I have in mind:

AMR-CD 77.1 and Karan I-180
Ayon CD-5 with Karan S-180 or Plinius SA-201/P8 (or10)

Any comments on these combo's would be much appreciated....

Thanks and enjoy the tunes!

(Still using Dynaudio Confidence C!'s with Gabriel Gold Raptures and BMI Hammerhead.)
I've been enjoying the 'simple' life, ie: few cables and boxes, for quite awhile now. There is certainly something to be said for great sounding simplicity. Of course, playing with toys on the level of Karan make simplicity all the easier to embrace. :D

I'm not sure how much assistance I can be with your query, as I have never heard the Ayon nor the AMR mixed with the Karan integrated. I've only heard the AMR for a few hours, and that was in a completely different system. However, in the short time I was around the piece, it struck me as a very good player that would form a great match with the Karan - giving the integrated just that extra bit of harmonic spice it needs to get down and "boogie".
I can perhaps contribute another bit, but again not the whole puzzle.

I have the AMR CD-77 in my system for almost two years now and am still loving it. Mind you, if you go "77", you will only have USB, can't go back to SPDIF.

I heard the CD-77 with Karan gear once at the Munich high end back in 2008. However this was the Karan 450 amp paired with Lyra Connoisseur pre-amp driving Duevel Sirius. They matched perfectly, the Karan adding speed and power to AMR's beautiful musical flow. In a thread that has sadly disappeared meanwhile, I had actually chosen the Fast Audio Room where this combo was shown as my favorite at the 2008 show.

Happy listening
Thanks for your responses. I am leaning towards the AMR with the Karan any way....and I only want the USB port.

My only hesitation and question came ep with the appearance of the Ayon CD-5 with a built in tube preamp and the known quantity of the Plinius/Dynaudio combo that I have experienced myself in the past....

And, I do like a lot about the CD-2. It is the best CDP I have heard....just a little tweak with more tube input in my system should do it.

Enjoy the tune and thanks again!
I came across your posting, the AMR-CD77 and the Ayon CD5. I received my Ayon CD5 3 weeks ago and having owned the
Ayon CD-2 & the AMR-CD77... I want to express my uttermost delight with the CD5. The CD5 is the toe tapping holy grail of CDP's - the CD5 is an emotional experinece you will not forget and look forward, as if it were the first time, everytime I turn it on. The digital inputs are just as sweet as CD's.
Thanks for the input, Jim. Would you mind sharing the rest of your system? I am alsp curious about your experience with the digital inputs, , have you tried the USB? Any comments on that would be really appreciated.
Thanks and enjoy the tunes,
I have been using an AMR CD-77 for about a year and could not be happier. Over the course of that year, I have become very friendly with Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics, the importer of AMR. Darren and I have discussed the changes at various stages, and I have modified my unit to include all the changes of the 77.1, and then went beyond that point by installing v-caps and a different complement of tubes. This machine is magnificent! I regards to pairing it with Karan amps, do it - especially since you already have the Karen! I am currently using a set of Karan KA M1200 mono blocks and a Viola Cadenza Preamp (I am a Viola distributor). Enjoy!
You got it, Kg-
It is about to happen and I may go beyond the 77.1 as well...I'll have to d/w Darren and see what he recommends.
What tubes did you end up with?
Best Regards