Axpona: Who's going & when?

Haven’t been active on this forum for a LONG time now & popped back in because someone keeps trying to hack my account. Audiogon’s security seems to be working reasonably well though, as I’m still me. :)

Popping back in here has me interested in going to Axpona, so I’m wondering how many here are planning on attending & if so, what days are you going?

Any of the "Audiogon originals" still hanging around?



Good to see you post, Sean. Hope you are doing well. Not that I am a particularly avid audiophile, I have posting since 2000. Haven't been to Axpona since they moved it out of Rosemont. Hopefully next year, though. Don't be a stranger. 

The show is excellent.  If you are within driving distance, don't miss it.  Lots of people here, well run, lots going on at the show with classes etc,  lots of exhibitors.   This is the best AXPONA Show that I can recall.   I'm up on 15 in the ATC room just past the MBL room and there is steady traffic of people coming through our two rooms yesterday.  I expect today will be better.


Thanks for all of the kind words & sorry I didn't get back to you folks sooner!  Glad to see some very familiar names that I remember & hope you are all doing well. 

I hope to be able to make more time to frequent the forums again.  Life has gotten even busier & more hectic for me over the years.  Tons of projects & design work to be done!  Haven't been buying & selling like I used to, although the mountains of gear have somehow continued to accumulate!!!

I have been spending more time helping others build & install their systems.  Definitely NOT "mega-dollar" ventures, but way bigger & better than anything most of these folks have ever even thought about.  Have three systems that I'm working on now.  All have been built for pennies on the dollar due to careful shopping on the used market.  While they might not pass for "audiophile grade" in the purest sense, they surely deliver a good portion of the attributes we find desirable.  They are all "HIGH AMPLITUDE Home Theater" oriented for sure.  Building a good but very reasonably priced "double duty" system has gotten easier, so long as you're not trying to stay on the bleeding edge of technology.