Axpona Show Music Demos

One last time please.Can anyone tell me the song title and artist of (sample track #1) played in Ballroom Georgia #14.This is the only remaining track I need to identify.Thanks for any input.
Sounds like Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits to me???? or somone very close to his vocal characteristics and guitar chops.
Why don't the People include this when they set up the music sample??? Clearly there is enough room to include the title and artist>.
Anyone going to Axpona NYC this Friday/Saturday?
I was unaware of the event until this posting. I will attend Fri and may return Sat.
I thought wearing a makeshift ID name tag would help if any members are interested in possibly meeting.
I went. It was smaller than most shows.
The most memorable rooms for me:

The TAD Monitor demo was great. Bass was strong and tight but not overwhelming, loud but not fatiguing, vocals were smooth but with lots of satisfying texture. (Lots of "buts" there. I always seem to describe good audio attributes as "good thing" but not with "bad thing.") The British fellow who I think was the designer (not sure) gave the demo & played some rare Supertramp music (& some nice classical). It was so nice I almost fell asleep in the front row.
They used Tube OTL amps (looked like 50 tubes!), but he said
they were voiced with solid state.

Another nice surprise to me was something I never heard of.
They were called Davone speakers. They are small, $6000 speakers that resemble Bose 901s, but they sure don't sound bozeish. They were sweet with nice impact and again I just wanted to sit & listen for a long time. I was surprised at the low price. They look like something out of the Jetsons,
flat speakers on something that looks like a music stand,
about 3-feet off the ground. Source was an AMR CD player, using Shunyata speaker cables. I forgot the amp (maybe AMR too, I'm not sure). From a store called Sensorium in NY.
They had that rare affect of making me not thing about highs vs. mids vs. bass and just enjoy the music as a whole.
I kept thinking this was a sound I could live with long term (a rarity). I was actually surprised when he told me the price. I thought they were $10K+ things.

MBL was nice, but I thought the 101Es overloaded the room a bit, and I couldn't get a focused soundstage. Tonality was excellent for all instruments and vocals, but the sound seem to come from everywhere, a little disconcerting, but I got used to it. Omnidirectionals, for better or worse. Nevertheless, I just felt I could take the MBL sound in for hours and just relax.
I too made it to the nyc show and thought that for so few exhibitors its great they were able to pull it off. We audiophilors need to get some new blood into this hobby or it will go extinct. Though the number of rooms was right for a 2- day show otherwise 3 days would be too much.
Did anyone find the Joseph speakers as real good?
Also the orions too. The italian panel speaker forgot the name was very good, soo life-like.
But nothing beats the MBL, they keep getting better with each new series this one being mark 2. Funny thing I liked the orions but after listening to the MBL's the orions bass sounded muddled from cabinet vibration.
Overall it was a great show too bad so many brands did not make it maybe next year if nyc doesn't get hit by nibiru in sept '11.
Whatever happened to the AXPONA Show music demo's and pictures from 2009-2012??? I cannot find them on the current site. There were some great demos that I would like to use the app Shazam on to find out the title and artist.
Bump, anyone?