Axpona Show 2019

Over 400 exhibitors, growing to be the premiere audio show in NA. Also will have Paul Reed Smith (PRS GUITARS) doing a one hour presentation, he is a big audiophile and amazing guitar player/builder. The only guy who could really compete against Fender and Gibson. I like that the show is branching out to other music platforms. So looking forward to all 3 days. I see some new speaker cables in my future.


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That was the idea until they realized they would be competing with Halloween and four other shows that are in early November. The dates for Axpona 2020 and 2021 remain in April....a week later then this year.
 Go to the Axpona websight and click on Exhibit and Sponserships Info. Then click on Exhibit Maps. It will give you who is on what floor and in what room.