Axpona audio show. Is it worth seeing(hearing)?

I noticed a banner for the axpona audio show and , since it's very close to me, was considering attending. Have never been, and actually never heard of it. Is it worth going to and if so, what should i plan to do there to maximize my experience. Thanks for any suggestions

I attended this show last year and enjoyed it.  There was a mixture of quality manufacturers and products to seek out and listen to.  Some of the rooms stood out as exceptionally good sounding.  It was worth the 4 hour drive and the expense of an overnight stay in a hotel. I don't believe that you'll be disappointed. You can examine the list of scheduled exhibitors to see if any interest you. 

If you are a hi-fi enthusiast, and if it's nearby, I suggest you go and experience an audio show first-hand. Unless you are in the industry, or in a major metro area with lots of hi-end shops, you'll likely never have so much access to so much different equipment. 

If you go, have a plan. Check out the vendors you want to visit and make sure you get to them. Otherwise, you could get overwhelmed and miss the very things you went there to see/hear. Also, plan you schedule around any of the seminars you want to attend. 

Go to the show website for a list of vendors and products, as well as a show schedule.
Thanks for the advice. I will plan on going, and make a plan on what /who i want to see/hear, including the seminars. Any opinions on a "must see" while i'm there? Very subjuctive, i know, depending on what interests people.
If you are in the market for any particular components, visit the vendor that has the component you want to hear, plus visit vendors who have competing products in your price range. You may find some surprises.

If you want to learn about vinyl playback, or computer/streaming audio, visit vendors with those products. There are also vinyl seminars, as well as computer/streaming audio seminars.

Lastly, go see a vendor/product that is WAY out of your budget, just to see what is possible and what all the fuss is about.
My girlfriend and I went last year and had a great time.  We did see Second City and a few bands live in the city to keep us sane after hearing female jazz vocalists played in every room. (If they weren't being featured when we entered, then someone would invariably request something).  If you're not into that than make sure to visit KEF who kept changing things up.

Also be prepared for listener fatigue (I never experienced it before) and for megabuck systems to be somewhat disappointing without a dedicated, treated room. The omni-directional MBLs fared well though, as did the Vinni Rossi\Harbeth room (at like a 10th of the price) which utilized nearfield placement to amazing effect.  And Spatial Audio did wonders too for even less, though the sweet spot was a bit too narrow for a couple.


 Friday is a good day for getting a chance to hear more stuff as there are less people there because of work.  The drawback to Friday is the vendors are usually still having problems getting their system to sound its best.

Saturday has the most people so getting prime listening seat is much harder.  The vendors are mostly getting their gear to sound its much better by the afternoon.  Both of these days are 2 hours longer also.

Sunday is when the equipment sounds its best.  There are about the same number there as Friday.  It does close at 4:00, however instead of 6:00.

Bargains might happen more towards the end of Sunday.   There will be many vendors having specials during the weekend.  Bring your wallet and your ears.
...and I'll suggest taking a pair of ear plugs or muffs.  'Listener fatigue' is easily avoided that your 'best equipment' for what you'd like to hear instead of having to endure it all...

Comfortable will be on your feet, chairs are rare and usually occupied unless you're lucky and fast.

Take pictures and notes.  Memories get blurred easily if you're seriously shopping.  Bring a thumb drive of something You like; if they're serious, they ought to be able to play it, considering the technology of the day.

If you want to really give 'em a jolt....a small briefcase with an LP or 3.  Listen for the gasp...;)
My wife and I have been three day attendees to the three previous shows here in Chicago. We will be in attendance this year. The info for first timers already given is pretty much right on. I would add that this is a big show. If you have only one day to spend then it would help to make a plan to see what is most important first and then try and see as much else as you can. Using the Axpona website will help to see who is in what room but it's not gospel. There are a number of rooms that display equipment that is not listed. Even the guidebook that you receive at the desk doesn't list it all.
   As for playing requests....not all rooms are equal. There are those that are more then happy and welcome requests, such as Raidho. Others will but make it seem like they're extending themselves. And then there are some that just will not. They're very cordial about saying no. It's just not their thing.
    It was mentioned that Sundays close early. I've picked this bone with the organizers in the after show surveys. The problem is that many of the rooms begin to dismantle before 4:00. 3:00 is more like it and even as early as 1:00 for some. I realize that the room reps have worked hard and long over the weekend and need to get moving but it's not fair to the people that buy a ticket just for Sunday. Maybe the show should close at three on Sunday but all rooms must be fully operational until that time. 
    As far as it being crowded....absolutely. This show continues to grow and that's wonderful news for the industry and for us audiophiles. Thousands of people attend and it does make for some tight hallways and shoulder to shoulder rooms. Just be cool about it. If you can't get in a room try another and come back later. This would be a good place to bring up a little bit about show etiquette. If you've been in a room and you've heard the reps demonstration or listened to a few songs, move along. Let somebody else get their chance.
    Finally, bring some money!  I've read plenty of complaints written about how expensive it is. It's a big hotel and it's Chicago. 
     It's a great show. My wife actually looks forward to it. Last years female attendance was much improved compared to a few years ago. Hope you all have a wonderful experience.