Axpona auction

A live auction presented by Audiogon will be taking place at the Axpona show in two weeks. I was wondering if anyone might have an idea as to what some of the auction items might be. Would it be used equipment? New pieces donated by manufacturers? Would it be a wide range of lowend to highend? I thought possibly this might have been done at other shows and someone out there may have attended. Thanks.
There's a great variety of items on the block! Some demo, some brand new, from intro-level, like a Pro-Jekt Debut III TT from Music Direct all the way up to the big guns, like a pair of Martin Logan CLXs from Audio Video Interiors of Chicago.

Items will be called by a World Champion Auctioneer, Renee Jones, so it should really be an exciting event for everyone!

You can check out a preview of the catalog on Audiogon's Hub

We'll post the big sexy pics next week. Items are still coming in - in fact, we just updated with new Music Direct offerings today.

The Audiogon booth will be located in the Audiophile Marketplace - definitely stop by and see us there!
Thanks so much for the response. I think it's a great idea to have this and am looking forward to attending and maybe taking home a great deal.