AXPONA anyone?

It'll be my first show as I don't usually have the funds to travel to the others. But, since I live a few hours west of Chicago, I thought I'd go. Friday and Saturday only. Anyone else planning on attending?
Good job on your first show, Sonic Hemisphere. I heard your monitors. Their sound is very well balanced; they are extremely competitive at their pricepoint.

Only because we see that we got mentioned in this thread as having one of the best sounding systems at Axpona I thought I should share.

#1 rule we always listen to the customer, and they are always correct!

We updated a few crossover components in the 3 way to mirror the tone everybody loved out of our Monitor versions, they have a more intimate and special sound now.

You know how it goes some people loved the larger speakers some the smaller!

If you are in the Chicago area please come give us another listen, you truly get great value with nothing but top notch sound quality and design.

Thanks again

Sonic Hemisphere

Sorry forgot to mention the links if anyone is interested...