Axpona 2023

Iam trying to buy tickets on line, it shows sold out? Really?


The Gold Pass is sold out but all others are available. I’ll be attending and helping out with a few exhibitors. Happy to meet anyone who will be there!

Blisshifi I can't go thru on the regular tickets. I will try again . Which exhibitors are you helping? It's fun. I met Ralph from atmosphere there.Doug Schroeder.And many more. Maybe I should put my name jayctoy from my T shirt or mask.

I was able to get the 3 day pass for $50 online as well.  

Make sure you get your hotel room booked.  I bought my tickets this past Monday and booked my hotel... there weren't many rooms left anywhere at that point.

I'm looking forward to the show though.  I haven't been to it since before Covid hit.  It's always a great time talking with others who share the same interest and being able to see and hear gear that can't be found local to you!

Wishing you safe travels and an enjoyable time!


@jayctoy I’m sorry, I lost sight of this thread. I hope you were able to get tickets. I’ll be helping out around at the DH Labs booth and in the T+A room. Will likely also be spending sometime in the AV Luxury International room since I am a Margules. Their rooms are not to be missed as they are often one of the best in show. 

Again, happy to meet up with anyone who plans to go. It’s always great to put a face to your Audiogon usernames. Feel free to PM me to exchange contact info so we can coordinate on site. 

No regrets you will enjoy this show.I attend yearly since CES in chicago. I never get tired, I always enjoyed it.iam local here 30 minutyfrom the venue.