Axpona 2022

I attended the show yesterday. I did enjoyed it   My favorite room is the Nenuphar,room with silversmith Cables.I think they are using Pass labs or ayre gear sorry I can’t remember..For the first time magico Speakers And synergistic Cables impress me big time..Audiokinesis Plexi box speakers sounds are mimicking the nenuphar basis 26 k. The Piega room with Rose gears is amazing.


Audition audio are  you referring to plex I box speakers?I like sound in that room, when the white speakers were connected .

Attended Friday and Saturday.

Bad stuff:

Drive up from Indy went pretty good -until I hit road construction in Chicago area.

Thought show was very disorganized:

No Axpona signs in parking lot, No "this way to show" signs upon entering from remote doorways.

Extreme walk from parking lot (Next year, get some Rickshaws -I'll pay).

One bank of elevators (slowest I've seen).

Everyone used stairways. No signage in stairwells telling you to "go no further" (one stairwell did have a sign, three didn't). You descend down three flights to a door that says "No Exit", then you ascend back up three flights. 

Overpriced food, $5 bottled tap water (could have at least had spring water). Pros expect to overpay as they can deduct it. I can't.

Equipment I wanted to see not on display (BAT VK-80i int, Pass Labs XA-25, Large Eikon speakers (not playing).

Blues Show (8 p.m.) was WAY to frickn' loud (rhythm section) and the spotlight for the singer reflected off bass drum-head directly into my eyes (third row). left after 10 min.

Just tons of little "piddly" things that got on my nerves.

Good stuff:

The Raidho/Esoteric room -excellent sound until you see price tag.

Liked the Harmon room with Revel F328Be speakers.

The Cabasse room had $30K "Eyeball" speakers -Awesome dynamics!

Got to see Wilson Wamm #1 (fully restored and playing).

The Vinnie Rossi room had good sound (Qln speakers) but, again, that silly sticker shock.

Heard some ATC SCM50 (believe they were "Active" model) -Great stuff

Finally, got to meet "Uncle Kevin" (Upscale Audio). Nice man.

Also saw, but did not meet, Kevin's lovely Analog Manager Kat Ourlian (what style!).

Think this is my last Audio Show. 

@twoleftears I missed those rooms.  Still, I went to a bunch of rooms and did not come across class D amplification.  Was kinda surprised.