Axpona 2019

GT Audio Works and Sound insight will be showing GTA3R planar/ribbon speakers with SI200 open baffle subs.
Zanden Audio will provide the electronics including their KR845 60 watts class A tubed mono blocks 
SemperSonus will be spinning vinyl 
Esoteric will cover the digital with their K-01Xs CDP
Please stop by rm 1430 and bring your favorite recordings

Hope to see you there,
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Interesting idler drive table from Semper Sonus. As the stadard arm fitted is 10", can it take a 12"?
Hi noromance...sorry for the late response.
We will no longer be exhibiting with Semper Sonus at Axpona.
My buddy who was going to be the USA rep had to back out for personal reasons. He informs me Robin Wyatt of Robyatt audio will be carrying the TT.
Please contact Robin for further info
or Paulo of Semper Sonus directly