AXPONA 2019 tips

I’ve booked flights and hotel for April 2019. The host hotel and nearby Hyatt are sold out. I’m staying in the Embassy Suites half a mile away. Any tips for this AXPONA noob? Maybe we could meet up. Thanks.
Take comfortable shoes and stay hydrated. Check the website a week or so before the show to get an idea of what Mfgr’s and Dealers will be attending. If there are some electronics that you are particularly interested in, be sure to write down what room and floor they are on. Some mfgr’s are on several different floors with very different set-ups. Take music you like and know very well for demo purposes. 

I stay in Schaumburg, there are many good restaurants and shopping areas to choose from. Enjoy!
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My wife spoke to the group person at the hotel i got an exhibitors room did pay more but its ok.See you there!!
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Arrive early. Stay late. Good food and drink locally. It’s in a safe ‘hood. Enjoy!
The elevators get overwhelmed when the attendance is peaking. I suggest starting by going right up to the top floor(s) and taking the stairs down one floor at a time.
Thanks all. Bought my gold pass today. Hope I bump into some of you.