Axpona 2019

List your best stops on Friday. Lobby bar not included.

1. Sanders
2. Spatial
3. Vimberg 

I am barely 1/2 thru as of Friday eve.

I need yours asap for the weekend please.
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In no particular order of preference, the best sounding rooms, 

Horning Hybrid

In no particular order:
  • Zesto Audio with Marten speakers
  • Martin Logan Renaissance with Constellation amp
  • Paradigm Persona 3F with Anthem room correction 
This was my first time hearing panels and I thought they had the most spacious sound I heard all day. Covered floors 1 through 4.

In no particular order:

Martin Logan Renaissance
Von Schweikert, VAC, TechDAS   Room 2-Euphiora
Vandersteen, Audio Reasearch, AudioQuest.   Room 690
Unfortunately, I cannot attend Axpona and am asking if Anyone has visited the Ayre Acoustics booth #8331?   Any comments and listening experience on their EX-8 integrated amp would be appreciated?  Thanks.  
Atohm speakers room! 
Eikon speakers. 
Paradigm and Anthem. 
Magico and Classe.
B&W 800d3 room. 

 So many great ones this year. Just a few of my favorites.