I just viewed the list for exhibitors at Axpona 2020. Show looks like another fun weekend in April
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Looking forward to it. Will be third year in a row. Really enjoyed it.
It’d be interesting to go, But:

-An 11ish hr. drive, each way...not counting gas/food/urine stops.
-Trying to do it in a single day would be like trying to do Disneyland in a day. It can be done. It’s not a fun thing to do. (And I used to live near the SoCal Dizzyland....)
-Minimum 3 days and $ to do so. It’d be like a Special Ops ’search & destroy’ mission with no ’back-up’.
-It’d take a full day to recover from it.

Yes, I could fly in/out...add $, no means to 'get around' and escape the hotel I'm in, potential weather may suck....
Too many variables, and the possibility of needing to be picked up with a dustpan from Chicagoland traffic. (Been there, did that, no real interest in playing 'hi-speed tag' with the locals...)

Go, enjoy...take pics, take notes, wear comfy shoes.. ;)
AXPONA, currently is the best show in North America, I am looking forward to attending the show, third time in a row. 
As far as AXPONA goes, I am fortunate to live near the conference. You definitely need all three days to do it right. You need to have a plan as to which floors/rooms you are going to see when. Also which specific vendors you need or want to see. Comfortable shoes are a must. Don’t dress too warm for the inside. Lastly if you don’t want to pay for overpriced meeting food, bring your own lunch. 
+1 lalitk - Agree 100%

AXPONA is best show in North Am and worth the drive in from The Lou.  There are close off site locations to stay as the Renaissance hotel is sold out already if you're not an exhibitor ( and you may be too late for that ) .  Also some relatively close places to get good food . We found some great places last year by just asking some of the hotel staff. 

Mapping out mandatory-primary rooms to visit and optional secondaries now .  And yes, comfy footwear is highly recommended.  
I bought the ticket and booked plane and hotel room.

This is my first occasion to Axpona.

I had been to CES three times before.
I live in the area.  I went to the first show, when it was at Rosemont, and hated the venue.  I haven’t been able to go since but plan to this year.  Perhaps some of us could plan to meet up and see if we are as argument prone interacting in real life as we are from behind a keyboard -):
First time last year.  Went on Friday and had a great time.  Hoping to go two days this year.  Looking forward to it!  Hopefully Zu and Tekton will have speakers there this year.  Trying to focus on higher sensitivity speakers.