Axis: Bold as Love gripe

Hey, what is with Classic Record's release of this landmark recording in MONO? As George Harrison said, "I don't need no Wah Wahs," well, this time I hope he would make an exception: without Hendrix' guitar-spaceship going from one side of the soundstage to the other during EXP, I can't see how just having them rise and fall in volume in the center is going to excite the same number of neurons. Plus, the stereo remastered version by Experience Hendrix is excellent on CD. This is what I have to listen to (my original copy of the Reprise' still plays well but has seen probably over 1000 plays, and on equipment from when I was 12 that I wouldn't share a description of with anyone here).

I'll also bet this version will never be released on CD or SACD in mono. Maybe we (some) vinyl junkies just fall for the hype.

After all that I have to say that I also enjoy my mono version Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited." Somehow stereo doesn't seem to matter as much with that recording.

Anyone who owns this mono version of A:BAS care to comment?
The mono version was an entirely different version than the stereo. Granted you won't hear all the special effects of the stereo mix that made the album so much fun to listen to, but you will hear the music in its pure form without the effects. Its interesting how it gives an entirely different perspective on this work. I own both the Experience Hendrix remastered CD and the mono LP, they are markedly different in character.

I've heard that the stereo version was not the original mix that Eddie and Jimi planned but was recreated from relistening to masters. The original mix was lost in a taxi cab.

In conclusion, IMHO is for Hendrix collectors, not for those who want to own 1 copy of this classic work.
I heard it the other day at a friends house and thought it magnificent! Very little grunge in the mono version, much more body in hendrix's voice. Of special interest, the original was mixed in 1 day,so the chance to make some subtle (and not so subtle)changes in the mix was really interesting. A must have album for me. have fun,frank
hendrix's estate would not grant a license for the stereo mixes. there is a pricey japanese cd in mono, but as you've observed, the sonic charm of 'axis' lies in its unparalled stereo mix. unless universal releases the vinyl in stereo, it probably won't happen. the original stereo mix on warner/reprise vinyl is your best bet.
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