Axiom M22ti

To anyone who has experience with these speakers:

Please qualify and quantify the sound characteristics of these speakers. Any info at all would be much appreciated, including the type of amplification necessary to make these budget speakers sound the best that they can.

I currently own a pair of NHT 2.5i's that I have to sell because they are simply too large for my room. I find the 2.5i's to be quite bright and fatiguing (although with the proper equipment, I'm sure these traits can be tamed).

Essentially, I am trying to replace my NHT's with something smaller, which will be paired with a good quality integrated amp (looking at the Unison Research Unico and the Simaudio Moon i3 - By the way, information on these would be appreciated as well.

The source is currently an RCD 971 by rotel, which will either be upgraded with an MSB Dac or simply replaced by an all in one unit.
I bought 2 pairs of M22ti's and a VP150 center channel speaker about 5 weeks ago from The Audio Shop in Ottawa. I tell you the price/performance ratio on these speakers is off the scale. I chose the Boston Cherry finish on them and they are very attractive and well-built speakers with good 5-way binding posts. Sound-wise these beauties will knock your socks off. Great clarity and smoothness in the treble and midrange. Bass is accurate and tight down to 55hz. It was a snap to integrate them with my 2 NHT subs. I can't listen to enough music now. Along with the VP150 they create a wonderful seamless soundstage that seems to make the speakers disappear, and that the musicians are in your living room. Big, wide soundstage. On DDandDTS soundtracks on dvd or satellite these boys are downright explosive. Don't just take my word for it. There are 37 reviews on AR, and rave reviews on and This is the best A/V purchase I have ever made in over thirty years of enjoying this hobby!
Previous posting is dead on. I've owned the M3Ti for awhile and they were great. Very quick, great imaging. Disagree with the Boston cherry finish, I found black to be nicer.
I'm using the M3Ti, great sound at any price.
Before when i was looking for a pair of budget bookshef speaker, I had the same situation with you. I finally went full throttle for Axiom. However, before coming down to the local store for listening, I thought M22Ti will sound better since it has 3 driver, then I compared M22Ti with M3Ti I decided to go for M3ti for some reason. Frist, M22ti can play louder then M3ti, but M3Ti sure doesn't dissapoint you, in term of low frequency, M3Ti kicked ass; Second, the price is 100 dolar different, I used Cambridge A300 integrated amp to drive M3 baby, which I bought for $400 Can. It sounds fantastic by toeing in, accurate imaging, just like you sit in the front row, middle of the stage. with that price for a system I can't ask for more. Later on I grabed a Bryston 3B, My system upgrades, now i'm satisfied with my system, M3ti is hungry for power, when I played at a high volume, my bryston cound't provide enough power for M3ti, so it clipped, but M3ti, didn't distort, good speaker, such a bang for a buck, highly recommeded. Gook luck.