Axiom 80TiSe, Meadowlark Osprey, Thiel CS1.6

Hi people, I am wondering if you are me, how are you going to choose among those 3. In the incoming upgrade, those 3 are my consideration, but I didn't have a chance listen to Osprey, then It's hard to tell. My system consists of Bryston 3B, Cambridge Audio A300 integrated amp, Sony SCD XE670 SACD player, Axiom M3TiSe, Kimber speaker cable, and Monster interconnect. If you have listened to those 3 speaker, can U share your experiences, professional advices, or suggestion. The room is medium, the maximum I can go is $2000 USA (cuz some of U from US, and other from CAN). Thanks
Do you want deep bass? Thiel 1.6 won't give it to you.
More neutral than Meadowlark.
You should take a look at the 6XL's.. Factory direct(hand made in SC) at $1800...... series crossover and transmission line loaded. Very transparent with fantstic bottom end. I have had a lot of meadolarks and while they are nice they do have a certain coloration. The Thiels are bright in my opinion and hard to drive the axioms... Why have 6 drivers when you can have two done right. I am using carolina JTM's with great success