Axe to grind know it alls

Recently I have noticed that there are people who apparently enjoy having controversial posts. One in particular stands out. I have no problem with people expressing different opinions but are they doing this just to get attention? They don’t care what the responders to their posts have to say as only their opinion is the correct one and everyone else is wrong unless they agree with the op which is rare.

I have always looked at the Audiogon forums as a resource to get information and exchange ideas . When the post is a one way street, I think it does little if anything to contribute to the forums so going forward I will just ignore their posts.  Anyone else irritated by these posers?
Ignoring off topic and disruptive posts isn't always the best solution. First of all, you pretty much have to read the posts to figure if the posts are dispuptive, and secondly, the reader will often need to wade through a bunch of off-topic garbage to find out if or when the original thread ever gets back on track.
Personally, I've always thought the cure for this would be for A'gon to grant the OP of each thread, the power to delete any post in that thread.  The OP could police the content to his or her own sensibilities. 
Sure, a few of the threads may end up becoming sanitized to the point of boredom, and some could still end up as free-for-all whoopee sessions, (either of which still could be enjoyable by some).  Nevertheless, I believe most of the A'goners here would use the power to delete only when posts start to derail the thread, taking the OP's thread into an unintended direction. 
There are a great number of thoughtful posters in A'gon's history that never/rarely share their opinions and expertise anymore.  One has to wonder if constantly wading through off-topic tripe, the sniping, the shouting, and immature content; hasn't turned them completely off of A'gon. 
I believe readers would gravitate toward OPs that allow divergent opinions to be expressed while disallowing disruptive behavior.



Thanks for your post....I approve totally your point of view....My best to you....
The light at the end of the tunnel is ... a colonoscope.

I belong to 4-5 audio boards. Each one suffers from trolls to some extent. 

We've now had decades of time to adapt our social pathologies to Internet communications. You know, the old comment that some are comfortable screaming things at others on boards that they wouldn't dare do IRL (or they might dare only because they have an AK-47 set to full auto-fire).

As the Doors put it, "People Are Strange." 
There are a great number of thoughtful posters in A'gon's history that never/rarely share their opinions and expertise anymore. 


If you don't feed the troll it may go away......