Axe to grind know it alls

Recently I have noticed that there are people who apparently enjoy having controversial posts. One in particular stands out. I have no problem with people expressing different opinions but are they doing this just to get attention? They don’t care what the responders to their posts have to say as only their opinion is the correct one and everyone else is wrong unless they agree with the op which is rare.

I have always looked at the Audiogon forums as a resource to get information and exchange ideas . When the post is a one way street, I think it does little if anything to contribute to the forums so going forward I will just ignore their posts.  Anyone else irritated by these posers?
Yes Iwin you have a point. What really bothers me is when they are pushing a theory which is blatantly wrong and refuse to accept that they have made a mistake in spite of numerous very respected posters disagreeing with them. People can make very expensive mistakes following bad advise.
1. Yes, often,attention.
2.  Also some people are “offended” (choose another word if you like) if an observation does not agree with accepted theory.

In theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice they are not.
If you've recognized them for what they are, just ignore their threads.  There are almost always going to be people like that on any forum.
I want people to look at my posts and closely read every damn thing I say noting that, hey, I'm not seeking attention.
I may be on that list but here is my suggestion: Post topics you want to talk about. Music, clubs, trends, and interesting presentations you have seen or read about. 

Without that this becomes little more than advice on exchanging commodities.

Make this place cool by your own participation, that's how you change the balance. Ignore trolls, and discourage personal attacks. If you don't actively change things by adding your voice and moving the bar don't be unhappy if others take it in a direction you don't like. Be the change.
it amazes me that "trolling" here gets lots of responses. I just ignore that stuff since it's obvious to me and I get no value out of these kind of threads. however, I have picked up some good ideas from this forum and now participate fairly regularly since I have the time.
I don't mind when they put up threads, but too often they hijack and redirect the threads of others ...
@erik_squires .
You might be on some peoples list, but not mine.
I concur with your assessment. For me, I just scroll past those threads.
I agree, many of these posters have a knack of derailing threads.

It's simple.  These individual's are like a toddler having a screaming fit.  Responding to them is fuel to the fire.  Ignore them and they move on to someone else whose chain they can yank.
Responses to such only encourage.        However(sometimes); it’s(hopefully) beneficial, to present logical(or- contrary, theoretical/scientific) points of view, for more rational thread followers.     There are those, that are here to learn and expand/enhance their listening pleasure.
Yes I feel the same way, so much so that I posted something completely absurd a few days  in the hopes that it would prompt some changes, if nothing else just to have some sort of ignore function.

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Say what? I’m too busy enjoying my stuff to worry about what people say about hifi's here..

I can't figure it out - if you don't like the poster, why read it? Kinda like touching the hot burner on the stove when you KNOW you're going to get burned...
I am on other forums. Car forums (I SCAA AutoX and Track) and this forum is the worse by far with trolls and people starting threads looking for an argument and/or attention by being rude. I ignore them, but it makes me wonder how an audiophile forum can have more arguments than automotive "fan boys"???  There are a couple ppl here that are a joke and I can't believe how many ppl fall into their trap of negativity. I ignore them, or read a little bit just to get a laugh. 
+1 erik_squires

I have gotten some useful help here and I ignore the nonsense.
I think this is the logical outgrowth of farcebook. People get indoctrinated into polarization and take extreme sides right from the start, ready and hoping for a fight. Try to have a civil discussion on YouTube and see where it gets you.

There must be some kind of dopamine high from all of this, and just like the monkey who hits the button over and over for that high, it’s monkey see, monkey do.

All the best,
The other sites I visit, Maggie Users Group and Audio Circle, do not seem to have the troll issues.....or the moderators are on top of trolling.  Eric, you are on my must read list as are some others that have chimed in so far.  There are some that argue from an engineers point of view, I read them also.  In my lowly opinion, this site has just one over the top troll or AH or Adam Henry-why bother to read their remarks.  There are way too many good tips and advice here to just give up.
It may be style, or actual knowledge.  There are a lot of parts to audio, so someone having one answer seems a bit out of place.

But - I am one of those on cycling forums because I know more than everyone else.  I'm near that on soccer forums because I know more than most.  On audio forums, I'm learning, so while my style is direct, there are too many variables for me to be certain of anything.  I don't even know all the terms yet.    


Basically the mods here do NOT peruse the threads often if at all.
Only if a post or thread is reported do they take any action.
Unless a post is blatantly out of bounds like cursing which triggers automated alarm bells back at HQ!
Apart from that this forum is mostly self policed so yes a lot of trolling occurs.
They are called trolls....and as long as folks interact with them, they'll just keep on trolling.  I don't read anything he posts....
I think one of the annoying things is that some of the inflammatory topics could be discused in a productive way.  Take a recent post about speaker companies putting out new designs ever year or so.  Legit Topic but posted in a way that doesn’t lead to an honest discussion or a good jumping off point, but rather made to inflame or push an agenda, that I tend to find rather “anti-audio.”  
There really not much to offer Octogon . Everyone has freakishly good hearing and its more accurate than the next guys, hence all the “upgrading “ spending more and more to one day be happy. Pretty boring .
  Its down to non audible nonsense. Nothing revolutionary .. except maybe swarm . ..  
Hmmm...The major troll that everyone is thinking about but not named has had nothing to say so far...
Hmmm...The major troll that everyone is thinking about but not named has had nothing to say so far...
Are you suggesting that there's a light at the end of this tunnel?

The light @ the end of the tunnel is out of service due to lack of maintenance.
Personally, I’d be disappointed if I’m not on The List...."All this ’wasted’ energy, for naught....." *heavy mock sigh* ;)

I actually do come about these expanses to view the’s ’educational’ on many levels. Some by intent, some by chance, and some by the sheer *grins* of watching the trains of thought go completely off the rails and into the chasm,...

Reading geoffkait’s ’quoting’ Groucho Marks (some of which I suspect he makes up, but...*shrug*...generally and generously funny)...

The Cable Wars that erupt, almost by clockwork...
The ’my (X) is better than yours *Bronx cheer*’ scuffles...
...and all that....and more....

Would you Really prefer a forum that’s as dry as burnt toast?
There’s certainly existing forums here that fit that...
...but to expect that....Here....under that title *points ’up page’*....?

An ’axe’ ’quaint’....*heavy irony drips from the edge...*
Good point Iwin---I'm still baffled as to why this hobby has so many people like the one(s) you mentioned and why we need to address it again and again. It really ticks people off, for sure. I've noticed several Youtube audiophile channels recently that have entire videos on this subject. I have a couple of other hobbies that I enjoy and this never seems to be an issue with them. Maybe its a mixture of audio-snobs and music-snobs that contribute to this---who knows? I'm enjoying my audio/music journey and love getting advice from others. I ignore the snobs. 
+1 eric squire 
+1 nonoise
I do enjoy getting useful information here, lots of knowledge being shared.  Many of you are very sincere.  There are a few that have rude replies and you just have to ignore it, I am sure if they meet you in different environment they probably would not act in this manner.  Unfortunately people act out when hiding behind a screen.  Anyone can act rude,  I just don't see the point of it when your on a website where people are just looking for help.  Not to throw compliments but I will, Eric squire has always been sincere when answering any questions I have needed help with.  And of there are others.  I do appreciate this source of information. 
Can't imagine who this thread is about.

You could double the amount of of those fools and it still wouldn't detract from the quality of this site. I don't read their posts expecting to learn anything, I read them to see all the funny responses. Personally I've only been into this hobby for about a year now and the wealth of info and experience I get from everyone here is great. If I have to duck and weave in between a couple of buffoons here and there, it's worth it.
I just scanned through all the posterts on this thread . Did not see them here . Maybe this subject is their Kryptonite.
Eric squires is definitely not on the list . Keep posting buddy ! Even more than you have been would be great . Keep the discussions coming buddy 
This forum to me is halirous. Music is the simplest thing in the world-you listen to what you like and how you like it. There is no good or bad, right or wrong. It is your ear and what pleases your is up to you. Others opinions are irrelevant. Yes, there are facts, but more so, misinformation, lies, deceipt, people with agendas, egos...etc. Don't worry what others think our say, listen to what you like. Just like food, what you like and dislike depends on your own pallet.
It's up to each one of us to recognise Trumpian postings as I'm sure most of us do with the other items of misinformation. Buyer or in this case reader beware.
It’s up to each one of us to recognise Trumpian postings as I’m sure most of us do with the other items of misinformation. Buyer or in this case reader beware.

Boy you couldn’t resist?

Lets just hope no one in this thread gets "suicided" by Hillary.

See how childish this can get?

Stick to the topic at hand please.

So now we have universal agreement on the definition of "troll"?

Thanks pjr801 for letting us know that you are not a Trumper!
As several Agoners have mentioned they are active on other forums (not audio related) which do not have the same BS going on.  My take on this is simply an audio forum is necessarily based on personal preference unlike a real car enthusiast forum.  You can't really argue about the proper torque for the pressure plate bolts on a '68 Corvette.  Hence people of a certain bent on this forum feel the need to ram their "misguided" thoughts down our throats. Maybe its just a salve to cover the wounds of a shallow life..........
It might be interesting to count just how many posts it takes before somebody says something just enough off base that it gets the balling in the wrong direction. I have already noticed a couple of ticklers for this thread. 
 I certainly am not interested in drama or arrogance when I am reading about a subject that interests me. I am reading just to get some new information or inspiration. I find myself taking off to other sites at times, where this doesn't occur so often.
It's up to each one of us to recognise Trumpian postings

Fascinating. I take it you mean by their succinct statements of universal truth? Fearlessly calling out fools on their foolishness? Exhibiting a near over the top glee in saying things people are supposed to silently keep to themselves? Or did you mean Trumpian in the overarching sense of unbelievable achievement? That's the problem with greatness, its hard to narrow it down.

And yet, why is it I have this nagging feeling that far from appreciating greatness you are seething and wishing you could just rip up this post. What's the matter? Need help getting the tear started?
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