Awsome Remote??

I'm looking for a good universal remote to replace the individual ones I now use for my theater/stereo system componets. I have a Dish Network 4000 SAT, so I guess I need a remote that will transmit UHF commands as well as IR. I'm told the 4000 uses UHF only. Any suggestions? Prices? Thanks.
I'm told that Phillips Pronto will release a remote that has a color display and do RF. It's expected to be released in June. I don't know the price, but I have been told it's not a lot higher than the current version ($400). If this is true--it's probably worth the wait.
Check out avs forum ( You'll find several way to handle this problem there.
See This site is THE resource for remotes and covers just about any one. Also see to read the fanatical testimonials pronto owners have left. They've figured out how to make the things do anything remote like unlock all Ford car doors and stuff. They are total nerds about their remotes. At the first site they even have forums where people can ask each other questions and post answers. Talk about loser internet dorks in to their hobby.
The reason why these people are "internet loser dorks" is because the learning curve is so steep, there're the only ones who can get the bloody things to work. Actually, there is a whole library of remote commands for a wide variety of electronic devices, that you can download. I have a pronto and its power is awesome but difficult to use. It has no built in commands. I THINK the difference between it and the Marantz is that the Marantz has a library of codes built in, and then you can download others. I wish I had known.
"internet loser dorks?" uhh, what is it we're doing? "audio loser dorks?" myself included. :)
Thooooose people are clearly much different than me.
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Irony and sarcasm are sometimes lost in type. Valiant effort though.
Be sure to really check that the Dish receiver takes only UHF ... I'm not sure what which Dish unit I have, but it takes both IR & UHF. I use the Marantz 2000 MkII remote. You have to teach it, but the time investment is minimal and very worthwhile.
I saw a writeup on the new Phillips Pronto with RF and color and it quoted a MSRP of $999, so if you're going to wait for it, be prepared for sticker shock.
The new Pronto 2000 is the one with the codes built in, the Marantz RC5000i doesn't have them. On the Sony Sat receiver the RF can be turned off so that's what I did and used a Niles repeater. I have the Marantz and these are awesome remotes. My wife can even can use it to turn on the cable, vcr, sat or even the dvd by pressing 2 buttons. But I had to pay one of those internet loser dorks to program the Macros and the station logos. I wonder if chstob thinks Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are ILD's?